Top 5 PSVR Games for Newbies

During the 2017 holiday season it has been apparent that hundreds if not thousands of gamers have made the decision to try out PSVR for the first time.  Getting a new console can be overwhelming due to the unfamiliarity of the device.  Not only that, but you have an entirely new set of games that were developed for this console specifically.  Since you may not have been following PSVR since its inception, how do you know games are a must, which are duds and how to most effectively manage your time and money?  Here are PlayPSVR, we have come up with our top 5 games that you must play before anything else on the PSVR: 

resident evel 7.jpg

Resident Evil 7

Resident Evil 7 takes the top spot in our must have PSVR titles for newbie and experienced gamers alike.  No other game has made me feel like RE7 has.  I am not easily scared or frightened.  Aside from a few jump scares, no movie, tv show, game or any other media has truly made me feel as though I should fear for my life. Until Resident Evil 7.  The graphics are superb and realistic, the controls are intuitive and the game is immersive enough to make you forget that you are not on the Baker's property.  Seriously, I completely forgot I was playing VR.  The ominous feel to the game and the anticipation for the enemies made my hair stand up and on multiple occasions I had to take a break and come back to my senses and realize I actually wasn't in any danger.  I know this doesn't mean much to you when you just read a review, but you will understand it as soon as you enter the first scene of RE7.  It's long campaign, hidden easter eggs, different difficulties and addicting gameplay provide more than enough for every single PSVR player, regardless of what you are looking for.  This is our number one choice, go out and buy it now, you won't regret it.  Well, when you are cowering in your chair you might, but afterwards you'll thank us. 


Skyrim VR

Skyrim is a very close second behind RE7.  The only reason it is second is because when playing Skyrim the graphics are pretty mediocre.  You can certainly tell that you are playing a video game, unlike RE7 where at times when you are entrenched in the game and you totally forget.  Otherwise, Skyrim is a masterpiece.  It's immensity still boggles my mind as players can spend 50-60 hours on one playthrough.  There are so many optional quests and things to do that it makes it hard to even describe.  You will spend hours upon hours fighting dragons and fighting to regain safety to Skyrim.  The combat is excellent and utilizes the motion controllers really well.  With a wide range of combat styles such as two handed weapons (two weapons or a shield and a weapon), two handed weapons (swords, axes, etc.), archery and magic there is certainly plenty to try out.  Fighting a dragon to the death is one of the coolest experiences I have had on VR.  At $60 the price tag may deter you, but it is money well spent as you will get plenty of game time for it and the experience is fantastic so Skyrim should be very very high on your list. 




These top 3 games were so difficult to choose from.  I think that these three are interchangeable for the most part and the order may vary based off personal preferences.  The reason DOOM is third on this list isn't because of lackluster gameplay or bad mechanics, but rather because it is the shortest of the three.  It will take somewhere around 4 hours to complete DOOM, while RE7 and Skyrim are much longer.  Regardless, I had as much fun playing DOOM VFR than I had playing any other PSVR game.  When I say fun I actually mean fun.  Like I am smiling as I play and genuinely loving the experience.  Once you correct the movement settings (see our first streamed DOOM episode) the game is extremely fluid and plays perfectly.  The Aim controller is perfection and the enemies look absolutely stunning.  The graphics are great and it is so satisfying running around shooting enemies and watching them splatter into oblivion when you bull rush them.  DOOM is a heck of a game, definitely one of the most fun titles for PSVR, if it isn't the most fun.  It would be nice for the game to be longer, but possibly free DLCs may come in the future and the game has a ton of replay value because of the hidden secrets in each level, different guns, difficulties and simply the sheer amount of fun it brings the player. 



Farpoint revolutionized the PSVR gaming industry while being the first to debut the Aim controller.  Easily the best PSVR accessory, the Aim controller upped the bar on PSVR big time.  The tracking is perfect, the product itself is well made and comfortable and to be honest I can't think of a negative thing about it.  Farpoint puts you on a strange land in search for answers and a way back home to Earth.  There are a plethora of enemies that keep you on your toes, stunning landscapes and overall exceedingly fun combat. The game is longer than DOOM but certainly not Skyrim or even Resident Evil 7 sized, but gives pretty good bang for your buck, especially now that the Farpoint craze has died down.  Honestly, this game for me is made by the Aim controller.  Being able to hold the gun up to your face and shooting enemies out of the sky accurately was the most surreal thing I have done in PSVR.  It is absolutely amazing.  The graphics are good, not great and the plot may not be riveting, but Farpoint is certainly a must have for PSVR owners.  With additional content coming out such as new levels and a multiplayer mode the replay value here very well may be the best on the PSVR.  Don't hesitate, go out and buy Farpoint (and that Aim controller!!!!) today. 



Superhot is unlike any game that I have every played in my life.  It is weird, mysterious and makes you uneasy, but crazy addicting.  You are placed in a variety of scenarios where you face off against other geometrical humans who are completely red and that don't have faces, say anything and have no discerning characteristics.  It is your job not only to survive the barrage of attacks but eliminate all other beings on the level.  This doesn't sound too interesting until you watch it being played.  You must physically move out of the way of the bullets, bottles, knives, etc. that are being used as deadly weapons against you.  The trick is that every time you move your enemies move as well.  So if you stay perfectly still the game stops and nothings happens.  But as soon as you start to move, the bullets start moving, enemies start shooting and chaos ensues.  To win you will have to bend, duck, slide, turn and dodge.  It is a very challenging game but makes you feel as if you truly are in the Matrix.  This game is outstanding and really demonstrates what makes VR so much different than other video games.  If you are having friends/family over this is the game to get them to go wild.  People love taking turns trying to defeat the levels and contort their bodies in so many ways to avoid the thrown stapler, bullets and punches from your foes.  Superhot is a must have PSVR newbies simple as that. 

Honorable Mention

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood


The early haters of PSVR argued that the system had a lack of depth in terms of quality games.  Well, we are here to tell you that this is no longer the case.  We had a very spirited discussion on these top 5 games and especially at that 5th spot we struggled to choose among the available games.  Rush of Blood didn't quite make the list, but we couldn't cut it out entirely for a few reasons.  One, its gameplay is awesome.  You are in a roller coaster the entire time shooting enemies left and right dodging projectiles and saws all while trying to put together this mysterious plot.  The motion controllers work great in terms of game play and make the game much more about skill than dumb luck or getting angry that the system robbed you of a victory.  Second, All December long Playstation Plus members get this game for FREE! So there is not a single excuse for not getting this game.  Even if you have to wait to get your PSVR, download the game now and save it for when you get it.  It is a relatively short game, but is a total blast and has a ton of replay value.  The graphics are good and the movement on the roller coaster actually makes you feel as though you are on a ride.  When you go down a hill it tricks your body and you feel everything you would going down an actual coaster with the exception of your stomach dropping out.  Go out and get Rush of Blood today while it is free!