Top PSVR Games to Come Out Before 2018

2018 has already promised several PSVR games that will sure to be incredible additions for the console's repertoire including The Impatient, Bravo Team, Moss, Star Child, etc.  However, it is so easy to look ahead at the greatness that awaits and forget about the games being released now.  Everyone will be saving up their Christmas money so they can buy these big titles, but there are some solid games being released between now and 2018.  These are the games we recommend you consider buying before 2018:

Shooty Fruity

Shooty Fruity comes out December 19!

Shooty Fruity comes out December 19!

Shooty Fruity is a fun quirky game in which you play as an employee at a supermarket.  Your goal is to ring up items, while blasting enemy fruit into pieces.  Strange, I know, but it seems to be a load of fun.  It is a crazy game that focuses on humor.  Several outrageous weapons are available and although I have never shot an apple with a MK-47, I must say that I am looking forward to it.  Shooty Fruity is releasing in the US PSN Store on December 19th. 

RollerCoaster Legends

RollerCoaster Legends hits the USA PSN Store on Decemeber 21

RollerCoaster Legends hits the USA PSN Store on Decemeber 21

Although we don't have a ton of information about this game to date, it looks like Until Dawn:Rush of Blood without the shooting portion of the game.  The coasters look more realistic and seem like they could be more debilitating than Rush of Blood too, which is a good thing. From the trailers it looks like the developers really tried to create an experience where you feel like you are on a coaster.  It looks like a very interesting game, one in which we are excited for.  It comes out on December 21st for $4.99and you can't go to any amusement park for that price!.  

Run Dorothy Run


Run Dorothy Run is described as an immersive endless-runner and rhythm VR game.  It heavily features characters from The Wizard of Oz and has it's players stand still as the world comes to you in a fast paced rhythm challenge.  You collect powerups and fight enemies to send the Wicked Witch to her doom.  The game was made for VR specifically so we are excited to see a game catered toward VR and there is currently no game like this on the PSVR.  Even if you aren't a fan of Dorothy, this game looks to provide enough novelty to check out before the new year.  



Cubeworks is a VR strategy game developed by TinMoon Studios.  You match different blocks together in a wide array of environments to achieve a high score and to move onto further levels.  The 3D environment challenges your spatial problem solving skills more than any other PSVR game to date.  If you are into Statik, I Expect You to Die and similar games this is going to be for you.  Check it out for PSVR before 2018 hits.