Top PSVR Games That Utilize the Aim Controller

Easily the best PSVR accessory on the market today is the Aim controller.  Although initially debuted with Farpoint, the Aim controller has been utilized by a number of games.  Because the Aim controller is an added cost it is important to get your money's worth out of it.  To accomplish this, we assembled the top games on the PSVR to have Aim controller capability. 


DOOM VFR takes our top spot as the best Aim controller compatible PSVR game

DOOM VFR takes our top spot as the best Aim controller compatible PSVR game


DOOM VFR utilizes the Aim controller to perfection.  The use of the Aim controller is intuitive and fun.  Almost all buttons on the Aim are used and at times you have to contort your fingers in weird ways in order to achieve opening your weapon screen while moving/rotating, but that is the worst I have to say about the experience.  The reason DOOM takes our top spot is because the Aim helps really immerse you into the gameplay.  You really feel like you are holding the shotgun, Gauss Cannon or plasma rifle as you fight through hordes of demons.  You can play DOOM with move controllers or the dual shock controller, but honestly the Aim just feels better and makes you feel like you are in the middle of the action.  That is what VR is about.  The Aim controller really adds to the experience of DOOM and improves the ability to have fun.  I recommend both DOOM and the Aim controller highly, separately or together. 




The Aim controller was initially sold in a bundle with Farpoint and debuted the accessory.  So that means the two should be perfect for each other right?  Exactly.  And they are. Farpoint boasts an impressive and immersive environment, addictive gameplay and and overall incredible time.  There isn't too much to dislike here, especially because Inpulse Gear has continued to develop content for this game.  There is now multplayer capabilities, time trials and new maps.  Seriously, Farpoint is not only one of the best PSVR games for the Aim controller, but one of the best PSVR games period.  The Aim controller tracks perfectly and feels so right.  It is absolutely amazing to be able to hold a gun up to your face, look down the scope and shoot accurately at enemies far away.  I have never experienced anything like this before in my life and it will be something that will stick with you. 



Dick Wilde

Dick Wilde is a fun crazy game where you build your own home-made weapons while shooting gators and other monsters that are coming for you.  Dick was one of the first to incorporate the Aim controller and I think makes the game much easier and much more enjoyable.  This certainly isn't a serious game by any stretch, but because they embrace the funny and crazy nature of the game it makes it so much fun.  You can play Dick Wilde for a long time without it getting old because it possesses fun gameplay and it feels great shooting those gators out of the water.  Although not as intimidating or advanced as our other options, certainly don't overlook Dick Wilde if you are looking for a good time. 



Arizona sunshine

Arizona Sunshine has had its rough patches on the PSVR.  It was released with a great deal of hype and excitement, but minor glitches and poor controls made it a disappointment for many gamers.  However, after a few patches, most notably this last one, Arizona Sunshine is starting to live up to that hype.  In Arizona Sunshine you take control of the protagonist and have to fight for your life in the dessert as zombies try to come and attack you.  The Aim controller gives players the feel of holding a gun while blasting zombies away as you explore a wide variety of midwest landscapes.  The controls are now much better and allow for a more immersive experience and more enjoyable gameplay.  The shooting mechanism is accurate and feels great.  The use of the Aim controllers makes this game feel great and I think makes gameplay more enjoyable.  Even with it's rough start, I think Arizona Sunshine is now one of the top 5 games for the Aim controller. 



The brookhaven experiment

The Bookhaven Experiment didn't initially come with Aim capability, but is now fully compatible.  I think this game saw the biggest improvement with the addition of the Aim compared to all the others.  Brookhaven is a scary, dark and ominous game where you shoot enemies in a terrifying atmosphere.  You don't move around the environment like in DOOM, but you do get to shoot creatures who gang up on you.  This lack of free movement hurts it in terms of immersion, but the visuals are outstanding and the game really is creepy and unsettling for first time players.  The Aim controller just feels better than the move controllers and works better in my opinion.  Brookhaven is a scary game and one that should appeal to a good portion of gamers.  Now that it has been released for a while you should be able to get it at a good price online and is well worth the investment, especially if you have an Aim controller.