Why You Should Download Starblood Arena This January

As a fan of PSVR or games in general there are 2 key words all of us keep in mind: Cheap and Good.  If a game is good, you should want it.  If a game is cheap, you should look into it.  Thankfully, for Playstation Plus members Starblood Arena is free during January 2018 and the best part is that Starblood Arena fits both our criteria!

Even if Starblood wasn't great you should still download it because it is free.  Better yet, Starblood Arena really is a fun game.  You take control of one of the many ships that all contain their own attacks, abilities and various stats.  The goal is to destroy enemy ships whether they be controlled by other PSVR users or bots.  

Each level has some kickin' music to it that gets you all amped up for battle and each ship has a different special attack.  The gameplay is extremely fast-paced and frantic but in all the best ways.  In order to succeed you have to dodge, boost, drop mines, shoot, evade and use your heavy charged weapons all at the same time.  This is an awesome experience and in my personal opinion more enjoyable than EVE or any other shooters in this genre.  Granted, it isn't the visual spectacle of EVE but I just enjoy playing this more. 

To recap, here are the reasons you should go out and download Starblood Arena right now:

  1. Fast Paced Gameplay
  2. Tons of Ships to Choose From
  3. Great Music
  4. Tons of Replay Value
  5. Online or Offline Gameplay
  6. Various Gameplay Techniques (Team Death Match, Free for All, etc.)
  7. Excellent VR Immersion
  8. Straight Up Fun
  9. Great Leveling Up Mechanics
  10. IT'S FREE!!!!!

If we haven't convinced you there is no hope for you.  For the rest of you....See you in the Arena!