Everything We Know About The Inpatient

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Wait. What? You want more than that? Well, okay. 


If you have lived under a rock for about 5 months, one of the most anticipated PSVR titles is set to be released on January 23rd.  Once scheduled to release in December of last year, The Inpatient was delayed about a month to the dismay of fans.  I must admit, I was very disappointed as well, because it looks as if SuperMassive Games has put together a masterpiece and it was a crying shame to make everyone wait.  But fans overall, like Andrew here, feel like it may be worth the delay. 


Supermassive games released a similar game years ago called Until Dawn.  It was creepy, scary and there was hardly a negative piece of feedback even from the harshest of critics.  As many suspected, The Inpatient is in fact a prequel to Until Dawn.  It is set in the same world as Until Dawn, just years before the Until Dawn game.  Blackwood Sanatorium was the same institution in Until Dawn and follows the same main themes.  This is a welcome addition since Until Dawn was such a popular and well liked title.  

The Inpatient has you play as an amnesiac inpatient inside the Blackwood Sanatorium.  You don't know who you are or why you are there.  The plot has several narratives so based off the actions you choose the outcome will differ.  Playstation says: "every choice you make can drastically affect the way the game plays out".  This is one of the most impressive aspects of the game and one that many gamers are looking forward to.  This alternate ending type of game has been used since Chrono Trigger back from the SNES, but they still don't come along all that often, so enjoy it now. 

  We don't know much about the actual gameplay, but what we do know is through a few demos.  Parts of these demos showed you in a wheelchair going out of control, others where you explored the sanatorium for clues/secrets and parts in which you are in sessions with the creepy doctor you see in the pictures and intro. It seems the gameplay includes puzzle like elements, cut scenes and jump scares to vary up the gameplay.  If they do mix up the gameplay like this I really like it.  It keeps you on your toes as a player, adds variety and just makes the game more interesting. 

As you would expect, the game certainly focuses on the horror and thriller aspects of virtual reality.  However, The Inpatient boasts a very in depth plot with a detailed backstory.  Flashback memories allow you to slowly piece together who you are.  Possibly the most unique feature is that it includes voice control.  Many games allow you to choose gender and realistic body models, but very few (if any at all) allow you to speak in the microphone to follow guided prompts.  Some people who played demos said that the answers they chose affected the treatment given by the doctor.  This then played important roles in the outcome of others and your own path. This voice recognition is one aspect so many gamers are looking forward to. 


I couldn't say it better myself friend!

It has been said over and over again that the graphics of The Inpatient are one of the most impressive for the PSVR.  This will allow us to become fully emerged in the gameplay and with sights of faceless guards, reindeer demons and other unsettling environments we will surely be on the edge of our seat for the entire experience.  The scenes were very detailed and shows dust, dirty floors and apparently a raging snowstorm.  The people are extremely detailed and realistic.   

I know there are probably some trophy hunters out there in the crowd and I have good news! The Inpatient does in fact have trophies. 22 trophies in fact. Not only are there trophies but there is also a platinum! Here is a link where you can peruse the trophy list: 


If you really look at the trophies you can gain a small sense of what the game is about and things that you may be asked to do in order to progress in the game and earn the trophies.  I will be interested to see how many times you will have to play through the game to earn all of these. 

For now that is all we know.  As we learn more info, we will automatically add the information.  If you have any info, comment below or show some love of your excitement for the game! Only 4 days to go guys!