Best Upcoming Horror Games for the PSVR

In my opinion horror games has the most to benefit by virtual reality.  Driving a car is cool in VR, but VR offers little advantages over a 2D game in this scenario.  But VR changes the game in respect to the horror genre.  Have you ever been actually scared, I mean truly afraid, playing a 2D horror game? Me either.  But after playing Resident Evil 7 in VR I can honestly say that from the hairs on my arm to the depths of my soul I was terrified.  VR contributes more to horror games and increases the immersive nature better than any other game genre.  And when done well these games are the best that can be played. 

We are looking forward to seeing what 2018 is going to bring and wanted to highlight some of the best looking horror games being released this year:


Blind is unlike any game that I have played before. You play as a young woman who initially is located in a dark strange room.  As you attempt to discover the events that led you here  but you must use echolocation because you are, as the game suggests, blind.  You must explore a mansion using soundwaves from a cane to outline objects and obstacles as well as solve puzzles and help re-create what exactly happened to you.  

This game will put fans in a situation most have never experienced: actual blindness.  I always used to close my eyes and try to feel what it was like to be blind, but this game will make you truly experience it.  The fact that you are in total darkness is scary but the worst part will be that you have no idea what is coming up, what will appear when you strike your cane against the ground.  Honestly, the scariest part will be what you can't see.  And that is the way Blind wants it. 

Dead Secret



Dead Secret is a mystery game where you jump into Harris Bullard's life to discover who killed him.  His death was surely murder and it is up to you to find clues in his house and put together a case.  As you examine his past you must solve puzzles and put together clues before you become the next victim. 

This is more of a creepy thriller game rather than a pure horror game, but I let it slide because it looks eerie and should be a ton of fun.  This game has come out for other platforms such as PS4, but not yet for PSVR.  I strongly encourage you to wait for the VR release then dive in!


Flatline Experience

Every one of us have thought about the inevitable concept of death.  What it would feel like to die, what happens the moment you die, etc.  Dying is a scary thing.  And Flatline Experience tries to give you what they think is an accurate representation of what we will all experience one day.  This is a PSVR experience, not a game, but should be frightening.  Actually, the aftermath (the thinking, pondering and worrying about death) of the experience may very well be more scary than the experience itself.  

This experience is out for Rift and other platforms, but I encourage you to keep away from those review videos or gameplay so when it comes to PSVR you can go in with an open mind.  



TRACE stands for Tactical Response Authoirty capturing Entities and is a survival horror game that will later be released for many platforms including PSVR.  You play as a field operative who finds these entities and attempt to capture/bring to your central station.  This game will incorporate puzzle elements and scary environments that will keep you on the edge of your seat. 

Sadly, a hard release date has yet to be announced so it will be a little while into 2018 before we get to experience this game.  It is being developed by Unity Engine, which provides solid gaming experiences, so this is one that you really need to keep an eye on. 


The Inpatient

Last but not least is the grand-daddy of them all, The Inpatient.  Everyone knew this was going to be on the list, but if somehow you live under a rock and haven't heard, The Inpatient is a game where you play as a patient in Blackwood Sanatorium, a mental institution.  You must find who you are and why you are there before it's too late.  

The thing I love most about this game is that not only will it be one of the most immersive games for the PSVR, but the creepy/eerie setting will surely make it Resident Evil-esque.  There are also multiple endings based on how you played the game and every choice you make actually alters your fate.  This is an amazing addition and will increase the replay value drastically.  

I am excited for this game more than any other PSVR title because of how VR can improve the experience.  It should be out relatively soon (within the first quarter of 2018) and has the potential to take home multiple VR awards by the end of 2018. 



We only mentioned a few of the new Horror games that should be out in 2018.  If there are more you would like to add let us know on social media or drop a comment below.  Keep posted for new info about these games on more!