Interview with Spearhead Productions from Rec Room

When Rec Room came out for the PSVR it was an experience that set the trend for how special VR could be.  It put together thousands of people from across the world who all owned some sort of virtual reality whether it was the rift, vive or PSVR.  it allowed us to chum it up, play some games, be ridiculous and simply have a great time enjoying each other's company.  While most of us, myself included, hop on Rec Room to play charades, horse around and just make a fool out of themselves, I recently discovered that there is at least one group who find a whole new meaning to Rec Room. 

Mike contacted us through on of our podcast discussions on social media and shared with us some work that he creates in rec room.  Mike helps run a small group called Spearhead Productions that is solely based within Rec Room.  This group of creative minds make artwork and music all with the tools provided by this social game.  

If you are like me, I wasn't expecting too much because I mean, this isn't sculptrVR or Coolpaintr VR.  Rec Room isn't built to create high quality artwork or really to do much more than mess around.  So I thought.  

Mike showed me some of his artwork and started discussing with me about his live shows that he puts on in Rec Room and how he has a fairly full and consistent crowd for each one.  I first want to focus on the artwork.  Not only do I enjoy art more than music personally, but I feel this is more impressive within Rec Room because the marker gun isn't designed to provide elaborate shapes, colors or tools.  So, Mike and others in Spearhead have to use very ordinary shapes for extraordinary designs.  Here are just a couple examples:

This piece is my favorite because of the high level of detail, animation and overall quality of art it is.  Like seriously. Can you believe that someone created this in Rec Room? With that marker pen! Oh, by the way, Mike also created the music playing in the video too.  This guy is a total boss. 


Here is another piece made by Mike, a nice skull and cross bones smoking a cigar.  In this piece you can better see the fundamental shapes such as spheres and ellipses he uses to create his designs.  

Here is another video of Mike while he does a live show in rec room! The video says it all:


So after some brief discussion with Mike through social media I had to learn more because he blew my mind away.  So here is an interview I had with him within rec room while he makes very basic (yet really cool) face and skull designs:

This goes to show the beauty of VR and when most of us just see a funny little game to goof around in, there are actually ways to make an impact and do something amazing.  Spearhead Productions is open to accepting new people into their group, if interested check them out in Rec Room.  If not, be sure to keep your eyes peeled, because you never know when you will wander into a custom room that has been tagged with their artistic touch!  Two custom rooms that can be entered with some of Spearhead Production's art or shows include: DefendTHEWALL and MotorMikesLive so be sure to check them out!

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