All PSVR Games Announced at E3 2018

E3 is an exciting time for all gaming fans primarily because the devleopers unleash amazing concepts and games that no one knew were coming.  E3 has an energy that is unparalleled and brings feelings of heart wrenching anticipation.  Below are all the PSVR games announced at E3, comment below what you are looking forward to or thoughts on specific games!


This cooperative first person shooter looks absolutely stunning with amazing landscapes, Aim controller support, and intense game play.  Block, dodge, and move to avoid destruction from the robots and aliens you are tasked to destroy.  Release is scheduled for later this year. 


Wolfenstein: Cyberpilot

Take control of robotic armaments first-person action to hunt down Nazis.  The game takes place after the New Colossus, and you will be taking over Nazi machinery and turning them on their masters.  Wolfenstein will be released sometime in 2019.

Ghost Giant

In Ghost Giant, you'll build a friendship with Louis, a young lonely boy who helps take care of his family's sunflower garden.  You are tasked with taking care of Louis while helping him navigate numerous obstacles.   No release date has been announced. 


Tetris Effect

This isn't your father's Tetris.  From the creators of Rez Infinite, Tetris gets a makeover with soul-filling music and mesmerizing visuals.  With 4K support, screen shaking, particle effects, and gameplay made to "move" you, Tetris Effect is one of the more exciting PSVR games announced at E3. 


Creed: Rise to Glory

This new boxing title from Survios, creators of Sprint Vector, sets out to finally establish realistic melee combat mechanics in a VR game.  Take on the role of Adonis Creed as you block, counter, and knock-out the competition. Expect this game later this year.



The spiritual successor to Little Big Planet, Dreams enables players to share, enjoy, and experience creations from people all over the world.  Whether you love creating games and content, or just want to explore the limitless library, we've been assured by developers that Dreams will provide Day 1 VR compatibility upon release, sometime in 2019.

Firewall: Zero Hour

Filling the niche of a tactical, online multiplayer shooter, Firewall brings the popular team-based shooting combat to the PSVR (with AIM compatibility) sometime "very, very, very" soon.


Astro Bot 

We asked and they listened.  Everyone's favorite demo, Robot Rescue, has been realized into a full-fledged game.  This cute and  inspired 3D platformer was what made most of us realize the value present in platforming in VR. Astro Bot is scheduled for Fall 2018.


Space Pirate Trainer

The popular PCVR game finally comes to PSVR.  Feel like a true space pirate as you dual wield weaponry  and dodge incoming fire in this beautiful, futuristic shooter that's sure to wear you out.


Trover Saves the Universe

The wacky, yet awkward sense of humor is back again in Justin Roiland's action-platformer Trover Saves the Universe.  Just watch the trailer above to get a sense of the humor on play here, and a glimpse of the action in store. No launch date announced, but expect 2019.


Vacation Simulator

The robots took our jobs, and now they're taking our vacations!  Enjoy some time on the beach with the hilarious computers from Job Simulator in Vacation Simulator, set to release in late 2018 or early 2019.


Beat Saber

By popular demand, we finally have the smash-hit rhythm-action title Beat Saber en route to PSVR.  This Guitar Hero meets Star Wars title has to be seen in action.  Use your moves to slice blocks in rhythm with the high energy music in late 2018.



Elijah Wood's trying his hand at this psychological horror game where a father has taken on the task of putting his family in what appears to be a computer simulation.  We look forward to the interesting approach to story telling, and by being creeped out yet again in VR with Transference in Fall 2018.



Developed by FromSoftware, Déraciné is an adventure where you play as a spirit summoned by a young girl living in a boarding school. Although it looks whimsical, it looks to have a plot driven yet abstract approach to storytelling that only From can deliver.  Not much is known, but FromSoftware typically doesn’t disappoint, so we're looking forward to this one.


Table of Tales: The Crooked Crown

Quietly announced via an online trailer, Table of Tales looks to be a strategic board game bringing the action of D&D or Catan to our headsets soon.


Arca's Path VR

Little is known of Arca's Path, but with a strong development team, and support from Rebellion, the team who brought us Battlezone, we have high hopes for the future of this puzzling adventure.

GunGrave VR

The PS2 and Anime hit is coming to VR.  Be ready to mow down wave after wave of enemies, racking up huge combos in style as you surround yourself with bullet shells and gun-dancing in GunGrave VR.


Jupiter and Mars

With an interesting aesthetic and intriguing echolocation mechanics, Jupiter & Mars looks to tell the tale of two dolphins on a quest in a post-human, post-apocalyptic world.  It reminds us so much of Rez that we can't ignore it's beauty and have high hopes!


Did we miss anything? Is something wrong? Let us know in the comments below, or e-mail us, as always, at .  We hope you enjoyed E3 as much as we did!