Best First Person Shooters (FPS) on the PSVR

For over 20 years first person shooters have been a staple of gaming. What isn't to like about picking up a weapon, prowling around in search of enemies, then blasting them away so they can meet their maker? As time went on these games became more and more advanced, detailed and immersive. With the addition of Virtual Reality, first person shooters are now more life-like then ever before and have become a main attraction for VR users, whether PSVR or PCVR. 

This article will list the top PSVR first person shooter games for the system.  To be considered for the honor, a game must contain full locomotion (no wave shooters) and obviously be a first person shooter.  If you are a fan of the genre, you're in luck because you have a wide array of variety, quality and experiences to choose from. 


5. Arizona Sunshine

Arizona Sunshine is a fun first person zombie killing massacre.  The plot is a little to be desired, but AS possesses one of the greatest feelings on the PSVR: blasting the head off the living dead.  The game is quite lengthy, especially for the price that you can find it now and graphics are too shabby either.  A fun comedic twist is added, but can honestly be hit or miss at times.  The real attraction here is the decent assortment of weapons and the massive hoardes of zombies that require your attention.  It is as if you actually feel the weight of each shot and this aspect gives Arizona Sunshine a realistic and surreal experience that other PSVR titles can't surpass.  And better yet, you get to choose between the move controllers or the amazing Aim Controller (we know the winner there).  Be prepared for some faulty controls and predictable game play, but no one would shame you for picking Arizona Sunshine as your first FPS for the system. 

4. Resident Evil 7

"What?! Resident Evil 7 being on a top 5 list and not being number 1?!!! Are you mad! Are you stupid! You ignorant fool what a moron you must be!" Is something like that running through your mind?  Well, it was for me too initially.  But the fact is, RE7 is much more of a horror game than a FPS.  You don't play RE7 to kill enemies, you play for the experience, the atmosphere, the unsettling environments and the visceral reactions your body has to the game.  In fact, there aren't even that many enemies in the game to kill (relative to other FPS's). RE7 is clearly a FPS, but at it's heart it isn't.  If you want to disintegrate a whole family of trolls, spiders, zombies or people, you don't go to RE7.  You can only play with the Dual Shock and the aiming requires the use of your head, not your controller.  Either way, RE7 is easily the best game on this list, just not the best first person shooting game.  Regardless, you should play this bad boy without a doubt, but the most likely thing to shoot up are your nerves. 


DOOM VFR doesn't get the love it should.  Yeah, there are certainly flaws.  The parts of the game where you are at your "home base" are predictable, a waste of time and stupid.  If you are fast and furious it can be beat in 1.5 hours so it isn't long.  And somehow it just doesn't capture that gruesomeness expected from a DOOM game.  But, that doesn't mean it's a bad game at all.  DOOM is a fast paced first person shooter dream.  With a wide range of weapons, game play availability of dual shock, move controllers or Aim controller, beautiful graphics and a whole lot of demons to kill, DOOM delivers without a doubt.  With various difficulties, tons of hidden secrets and easter eggs and fun game play, DOOM should be near the top of your need to get list.  It also possesses one of the best and most rewarding motivators in any PSVR in that for every DOOM doll you find in the levels, it opens an older DOOM map from previous games.  This was the first and only time that I desperately searched every nook and cranny of a level because I wanted to unlock all of those levels which increases playing time, replay value and overall the quality of the game. 

2. Killing Floor Incursion

With the smooth locomotion of Skyrim, the weapon variety of Arizona Sunshine, and the sharp graphics of Farpoint, Killing Floor: Incursion brings a cornucopia of shooting action.  The report of the pistols is visceral.  The blast of the shotgun is carnal.  And the spray of the machine guns vibrant.  And when you run out of ammunition, you can always hack, slash, and punch your way through zombies faces.  KF:I does not support the Aim controller, but after a bit of time with it, you can start to see why. There's a variety to it's gameplay, and aside from boss-fights, one could make their way through the entire game dealing death with a fireman's axe in each hand.  Are you lonely? Invite a friend and experience the campaign in co-op. Are you bloodthirsty? Then enjoy the horde mode and rack-up the bodycount.  There's a lot to love about Killing Floor, and if it only had Aim support, it could have a decent chance at taking the top spot on this list.  But some clunky gameplay elements, such as jabbing the move controllers into your nipples to try and grab grenades, keep this title snugly in spot number two.  But, speaking of the Aim controller...

1. Farpoint


Farpoint is #1 on our list for a multitude of reasons.  FPS with Aim support, continuing support by the developers, online multiplayer, good plot, wonderful aesthetics and killer game play.  The Aim controller works so well and really sets this game apart.  I can't tell you how amazing it was to me the first time that to snipe an enemy I actually had to lift a gun up to my face to look through the scope.  New areas, games and additions are still being added to this day.  I love the multiplayer addition where you can play as a team or PvP.  That increases replay value up the wazoo.  The more games you play the better stats your weapons receive, different game varieties are added and overall the game is just crazy fun.  I have a hard time thinking of anything negative about Farpoint and this is a MUST for every single PSVR owner no if and's or buts about it.  But do yourself a favor and play it with the aim controller, don't bother with the dual shock.  Not because it doesn't work well, but because the Aim transforms the game unlike any other accessory in gaming has.  


There you have it folks, our top first person shooters for the PSVR.  We will do our best to keep this updated and as we are about 1 week away from the release of Firewaall Zero Hour, these games will all be put to the test.  There will almost certainly be a mix up of these rankings once new games are released but for now, check these games out and carve out some time for some serious fun.