Best PSVR Horror Games

The horror genre gets the biggest advantage from VR in relation to 2D gaming because of the immersion aspect.  It is so easy to let your mind forget about your actual surroundings and let your instincts kick into high gear due to the dark, eerie and frightening atmosphere.  If you are looking for a good scare, surreal environments or simply sheer terror, check out our top 5 horror games for the PSVR

#5 Paranormal Activity

Although Paranormal Activity is a shorter game than most, it makes up for it in scares.  The dark, gloomy and at times claustrophobic environment will cause even the most poised gamer to sweat.  With excellent use of lightning, darkness and overall presentation, Paranormal Activity will have you hearing things, seeing things and possibly having a hard time to sleep tonight.  The controls are pretty crappy, but unlike most games, you can't run away and you can't hide.  You are trapped in a house and there is nowhere to go.  It's you......and the Paranormal Activity.  

#4 Brookhaven Experiment

The Brookhaven Experiment has you infiltrating a city that has been overrun, in order to discover exactly what has happened to cause the town to go into chaos. Scientific experiments have gone awry, leaving garish and ghastly creatures roaming the area.  With Move controllers or the Aim (!!!), you'll fight off waves of encroaching enemies as you slowly discover what happened.  Although it has Aim support, the entire game is played standing in one position, while enemies attack from 360 degrees.  Combine the surrounded assault with a darkness that's barely broken through with a flashlight, and you have a beautifully terrifying adventure.


#3 Stifled

Stifled is easily the most overlooked and underappreciated on this list.  The eerie atmosphere, soul crushing anticipation and overall darkness of the game is simply unsettling.  The premise of the game is that you are a man trying to piece together a story of what happened to your family and why you are jumping between two surreal worlds.  Not only is the game exceptionally scary, but utilizes one of the coolest and most unique techniques for the PSVR: echolocation.  In multiple stages of the game you are among a world of complete darkness and the only way to proceed is to audibly speak into the PSVR headset's microphone.  It then picks up your voice and sends sound waves that illuminate everything around you.  It is so awesome and adds something special to an already incredible game.  At #3 on the list if you have overlooked or dismissed Stifled I implore you to reconsider.....unless you're scared. 

#2 Until Dawn: Rush of Blood

Rush of Blood has everything to keep you on the edge of your seat.  Clowns? Check.  Spiders? Check. Weeping and gnashing of teeth? Check. Zombies? Check.  Dark mine shafts? Check.  Terrifying landscapes and environments? Check.  Jump scares? Check.  I could keep going.  Rush of Blood has it all and puts forth an incredible display of thrills and kills.  Although you will be scared crapless the first time you play, the game play is so fun and addicting you won't be able to put it down.  Replay value is high with collectibles, easter eggs and local leader boards for each level and a decent story line to boot.  I can't give enough credit to Supermassive games for their use of dark scenes, scary atmospheres, creepy sound effects and terrifying scares.  There isn't much to dislike about Until Dawn: Rush of Blood which is why it should be priority #1 on your PSVR horror binge. 

#1 Resident Evil 7

Surprised?  Probably not.  But RE7 made us feel things that we have never felt before.  The actual visceral response of sweating, psychological stress and adrenaline spikes are unlike anything you will experience in gaming.  At points during the double digit hour campaign you will find yourself begging "not to go in there", your fight of flight response will be going off at the slightest thing and (most importantly) you will forget that you are safely in your house playing a video game.  The immersion factor is real with exceptional graphics, next level attention to detail and a story line that will keep you glued to your headset.  The heart wrenching anticipation, the multitude of ways utilized to scare you (jump scares, anticipation, creepy environments, stressful scenarios) and the dark harmonious culmination of audio, visual and plot driven components deliver an unbelievable game and an even more unbelievable experience.  Not only is RE7 easily the most horrifying game for the PSVR, but also the best (debatable I suppose).  If you have yet to play RE7 it is a must buy for every single PSVR owner.  RE7 is a masterpiece so whether you are looking to be terrified or just experience the best the PSVR has to offer, buy yourself a new set of underpants and get started. 



Honorable Mentions

Here They Lie

Here They Lie is a suspenseful mystery PSVR game which terrorizes  you with anticipation and anxiety as you run away from creatures and unfold the plot little by little.  With a pretty awesome ending and thrills that will get your heart pumping it is a worthy mention for top horror games.  However, the blurry graphics, the rather lackluster game play and overall lack of excitement puts it outside the top 5.  Many times during the middle of the game I was just suffering through boredom and most of the time I just ran as fast as I could not to get away from enemies, but rather to finally finish the game.  Certainly one to consider, but there are better options on the PSVR market at this point.  

The Inpatient

All together, The Inpatient was a huge disappointment.  We expected Until Dawn: Rush of Blood quality but got Special Delivery quality(not good).  However, the graphics are superb, the atmosphere is fantastic and really helps put your mind in a dark place.  There are some creepy parts and a few jump scares, but certainly not enough to make it on our top 5.  If the game is on sale then consider picking it up, otherwise steer clear.  Even with multiple endings that increase replay value, The Inpatient still isn't worth the time investment when there are so many other better games out there.  


To Be Determined

Deadhalls/Don't Knock Twice/ Exorcist Legion VR

These three games have good reputations, however, we have yet to play them.  Hence, it would be totally unfair to rate them so until we do, they are going to have to stay off our list.  We will update our list as news games come out and as we play new ones.  In the meantime, if you have played the games and would like to comment below letting us and all the fellow fans how these games are that would be awesome!