Best PSVR Puzzle Games

For such a relatively short life span thus far, the PSVR has put out an impressive puzzle game library.  Virtual Reality can create such a personal connection between the player and the puzzles unlike any system before it.  Several games utilized this feature and we as a community have benefited greatly.  If you are a classier type and would rather rack your mind and flex your brain muscles rather than blow off zombie heads then you are in luck: we have compiled the absolute best PSVR puzzle games for the system right here!

5. Floor Plan

I love Floor Plan because it is a fun laid back escape room game for the PSVR.  You are trapped in an elevator and you must go from floor to floor searching for clues and making items work with each other to slowly missing equipment and progress through the ending.  This has a very light hearted cartoonish feel but is very playful and charming.  The game isn't long, it will take you maybe 40 minutes to an hour to complete, but with a cheap price and fun game play, Floor Plan is well worth your consideration if you are looking for a lesser brain busting experience on the PSVR.  

4. I Expect You To Die

This game been acclaimed over and over and for good reason.  As a secret agent, you are put in a multitude of different scenarios, all requiring very specific actions at specific times, otherwise you will meet your demise.  It fully is expected that you will die but the fun playful atmosphere coupled with the challenging game play will leave you wanting more.  With decent length, a somewhat recent added DLC and clever puzzles, I Expect You to Die.  That wasn't a sentence fragment.  I really do expect you to die.  

3. Just In Time Incorporated

This is a little more unconventional pick because it isn't necessarily classified as a puzzle game.  However, each level in Just In Time Incorporated puts you in absolutely insane/hilarious scenarios and you only have your quick thinking, wits and creativity to determine how to accomplish your mission. You play as an insurance agent who can travel instantaneously to help customers avoid death.  So whether a customer is about to get mauled by a bear, hit by a truck, attacked by rat specimens or blown up by the ice cream stand man, you will always be there just in time.  This game is the most "fun" of this list and will keep you laughing the entire way through.  Pair that with 2-3 hours of game play and you got yourself a wonderful puzzler that you won't want to put down. 

2. Salary Man Escape

Who would've thought that a metaphor of overworked Jenga would result in one of the more intriguing puzzle games in PSVR?  In Salary Man Escape, you're tasked with creating a path for your Salary Man to use to escape his job at a nameless, unappreciative corporation.  With a sultry, sexy soundtrack, and regular encouragement from HR, Salary Man Escape provides an truly unique theme to go along with its physics-based puzzles that require you to carefully adjust, balance, and place blocks in order to get out of the office and back home.  It should be noted that the Move controls work adequately, but can be very frustrating at times. However, the Dual Shock controls provide the precision and relaxed game play required to survive the surprisingly challenging set of puzzles.

1. Statik

download (1).jpeg


There isn't much to dislike about Statik.  It is lengthy, smart, challenging and absolutely packed with puzzles at every single turn.  There is no bullcrap time-wasting filler here.  Even between levels there are puzzles.  The plot is mysterious and ominous.  The fact the plot is good is even a bonus because you don't expect that out of a puzzle game.  Then the puzzles have genius level design, possess a ton of variety and ultimately just show a sense of detail and inspiration that no other puzzle game on the PSVR can come close to.  It is apparent that Tarsier Studios handled this game with care and attention.  I cannot say enough good things about this game and it easily reigns supreme among all PSVR puzzle games.  Whether you are a puzzle fan or not, do yourself a favor and play Statik.



Honorable Mentions

Black Hat Cooperative

Honestly, I can make a strong case for this game to be in the top 5.  But the fact that there is no multiplayer so the game is solely dependent on having 2 people physically in the room hurts its stock.  One person plays with the headset and is wandering around a minecraft-looking dungeon attempting to collect crystals, find keys and escape while avoiding evil robots and enemies.  The only way to do so is to listen to the second player who is looking at the TV screen and giving directions regarding to the location of goodies, enemies and passages.  This game is a ton of fun and is really challenging.  It takes extreme teamwork, communication and skill to make it past the entire game.  If you are looking for a co-op party game then this would be a great choice.