Most Anticipated PSVR Games of 2019

2018 was easily the best year for PSVR but with the system picking up more and more steam 2019 is sure to be even better. What makes a system a crowd pleaser? Developer support, player community and of course the GAMES! 2018 ushered in a ton of high profile games such as Moss, Tetris Effect, Firewall Zero Hour, Borderlands 2, Beat Saber and more, but could 2019 provide the same level of quality or more? Let’s check out our most anticipated PSVR games of 2019 and see for ourselves:

5. Blunt Force

This game looks awesome. Still little is known about it yet, but the game seems to intertwine a mysterious plot along with first person shooter game play. The graphics in the trailer obviously look great, how that will translate is still to be seen until actual game play is released, but there seems to be a lot going on, tons of explosions, chaos and destruction. You seemingly play as a spy who is trying to piece together your life or why you are being hunted/used. Possibly a WW2 theme since he mentions he was a spy against the Nazi’s. I’m really excited for this one. Unfortunately no release date has been mentioned by Monad Rock, the developers.

4. Blood and Truth

Ever since VR Worlds this bad boy stood out as the most intense game and provided the most potential of all the VR Worlds games. Now with an expanded plot and longer game play Blood and Truth is ready to make a splash in VR. I love how some of the game is stealthy and some is just blowing bullet holes through these fools’ faces. It’s awesome and I can’t wait to play it. The graphics look appealing, the diversity in game play looks cool and the various environments looks crazy fun to be in. If you have doubts about this game, play VR Worlds. If the developers took care enough to make such a solid experience with no plans on expanding, imagine what they can do when they roll out all the bells and whistles for a full blown game. I can’t wait and neither should you.

3. Dreams

This demo of Dreams at E3 absolutely blew me away. Beforehand, I must be honest, I didn’t understand all the hype. But once the magnitude and weight of the game hits you it makes even Skyrim look like childs play. You can create and animate almost anything. If you aren’t the creative type, no problem. You can take other creations and modify them. So if you don’t want to spend hours creating an environment to put your monster on, just steal someone else’s, modify, and then go to town. Not only is there a mind bending amount that can be done, but the game looks absolutely stunning. If you like Rec Room and making all the cool things, or Scultpr VR, Coolpainter VR or Discovery then Dreams is your perfect game. The only thing I am afraid of is that Dreams will be overwhelming. But it will be the best type of overwhelming. Look for this one in 2019 as one of our most anticipated titles being released.

2. Vanguard V

I hadn’t heard of this game before starting this list, but holy crap am I glad I ran into it. How amazing does that look! You fly through exotic environments shooting down enemies like you are Star Fox. The colors are wild, the game play seems fast paced, the music rocks and there is very little here that I am not just absolutely giddy about. I will be anxiously waiting for this game to be released and will easily be a day 1 purchase for me. I really think the video is the best proof of concept here, shout out to Playstation Prospect for the awesome YouTube video, which is really easily the best footage we have thus far. Skip through the first part where you can see the two lenses and you will see why I’m so excited for this game.

1. Everybody’s Golf VR Spring 2019

A golf game at #1? Why Yes! How in freaking sam’s hill does PSVR not have a golf game? (No, 100ft Robot Golf doesn’t count). Wii golf is one of the first games for the Nintendo Wii and even with crappy controls, bad graphics and childish game play it almost single handedly sold hundreds if not thousands of Wii’s. So 2 years in and we are getting our first PSVR golf game? That is poor. No way around it. Regardless, this game looks absolutely amazing with tons of detailed courses, realistic game play and a franchise that Playstation really cares about. I can only see good things for Everbody’s Golf VR. I can understand if this isn’t your most anticipated game, but hey, this list is OUR most anticipated so suck on that.

Not Quite Top 5, But Has Potential

Ace Combat 7 Skies Unknown

Ace Combat is a well known franchise already and this is quite possibly the most widely anticipated title not just in PSVR but all of Playstation. After seeing footage if the graphics can translate to the PSVR well then this game is going to be one for the ages. The degree of detail in ever aspect of the game from the control board of the ship to the explosions are nothing short of breath taking. The only issue for PSVR owners is that only certain levels are in VR. Only 4 levels and about 45-60 minutes of PSVR game play can be expected. That is quite a disappointment for such a pricey game and honestly may hold die hard PSVR users back who aren’t willing to play the rest of the game on a flat screen.

Shadow core

The trailer really doesn’t tell you much at all about this game, but it is a pretty dang cool trailer. After seeing some game play from other VR systems it reminds me of Evasion with different character classes and similar graphics, but isn’t a wave shooter (thank goodness). It looked pretty decent and with good graphics, hopefully a decent amount of game play and hopeful AIM controller support Shadowcore VR is a game that didn’t quite make our top 5, but still looks like a good time.

Star Child

This one might be a surprise that it isn’t top 5, but I have my reasons. First, I think this may be a fantastic game. It gives off a Super Metroid like feel with puzzles, the graphics look fantastic and if you have played the demo on the PSVR demo disc 2 then you know what I mean. Visually it looks awesome, yet I am still a little lost about the game play. I don’t know exactly what it will be like, but these type of 2D VR games scare me. This game looks very much like Moss but with maybe a little less interaction with the character but who knows about combat. Again, it will be a good game I’m sure, but to be anticipated by me I need something new and something that makes me say Wow. I don’t think this is quite there for me, but regardless cheers for Start Child and a hopeful soon release!

Windlands 2

Windlands was fun. Real fun. And it was one of the first really intriguing PSVR games out there where you can tell the developers thought outside the confines of typical game expectations. If you love Windlands or TO THE TOP, then Windlands 2 should be high on your list. Although the graphics aren’t necessarily realistic, they still demand your attention and leave you taken back. The game play is going to be incredible and it already has great reviews for the other VR headsets so I’m sure the PSVR version will be no exception. There is almost no risk in purchasing this game because you know Windlands was quality so with improvements, better graphics, a proof of concept and more development time, Windlands 2 should be high on your list in 2019.

That is our list of most anticipated PSVR games of 2019. Did we miss some? I’m sure we did, let us know below what games you are most looking forward to, where we went wrong or what should be on our list. Cheers and here’s to another wonderful year in PSVR!