18 Floors

Make the escape room experience a little more personal by being placed in eerie unsettling rooms, locked in until you use your wits to find a path out.  To escape each room will take intense puzzle solving skills, critical thinking and the ability to use objects around you.  The puzzles are fierce, but short, in this first person puzzle game. 

Quick Notes
Genre: First Person Puzzle Solver
Controllers: Move controllers
Game Length: ~1.5 hours (dependent on skill)
Price: $14.99
PlayPSVR Score: 4

I have always enjoyed escape room games.  The ones on the computer, your phone, heck, even the ones you can do in real life.  There is something about being trapped but having the capability to use problem solving skills to find a way out.  I loved games like Floor Plan for the PSVR where essentially you are playing just an escape room games.  When I saw that 18 Floors was a dark, scary escape room game I was pumped. 

I just have to get this out of the way.  I cannot suppress the weight of the obvious any longer.  18 Floors.  With a name like that there are 18 levels right?  Try 2 levels.  Yes.  2 levels.  I was mystified after the second floor and I saw a to be continued screen.  I thought I messed something up.  Or this was a cruel joke.  Nope.  Only 2. 

Before I complain about this too much, I must admit I contacted the studio and they are currently working on two more levels.  It is expected that they will be available Q4 of 2018.  And at that point other levels may also be at later dates.  Let's talk about the game first, then I will get back to this. 

So you are dropped into a room right off the bat, no description, nothing.  Just like it should be.  The atmosphere was dark, creepy, eerie.  You could hear faint noises in the background as the cockroaches scurried across the table.  The graphics were surprisingly very very good.  In terms of atmosphere and creating a creepy environment they nailed it.  Even on floor 2, which was a little brighter the general feeling was spooky.  So they nailed it on the visuals and the general feeling of the game.  

The most important thing about a puzzle game are the puzzles, right?  Well 18 Floors is hit or miss.  Some puzzles are fun, challenging, but still very doable if you think hard enough.  However, some of the puzzles are absolutely absurd.  I wish I could give you details but it would be spoiler alert big time.  There were just several pieces of puzzles that I found extremely extremely unfair.  The answers or the way in which you proceeded was so cryptic and convoluted that I don't know how you would move on without cheating.  Seriously, a few times I became infuriated because there is just no way you could have figured them out without some help.  God bless whoever found the solutions out the first time.  You are an animal sir or madam, a straight animal.  

So in terms of value, this game is actually pretty good, technically speaking.  I mean I spent 2 hours on 2 levels and that was with giving up and cheating.  And if at least 2 more levels are officially being released with the capability of 14 more, this is a heck of a value.  However, just because you spend a lot of time in a game to me doesn't mean it's good value.  I bet about 1 hour and 20 minutes of that 2 hour time I spent in the game was trying to figure out 2 puzzles that were too cryptic.  So it's not hearty fun the entire time, so you have to judge for yourself if that is the type of value you are looking for.  

Now I have to harp on the 18 floors again.  Sorry, but it is inexcusable.  You don't publish a game obviously suggesting 18 levels and only have 2.  Ok, so you are going to add one later on.  If they add 2 in Q4 that is updating the game months after its initial release.  And the thing that burns my buns is that if you think they will actually publish 18 floors you are criminally insane.  There is no way this game will end with 18 floors.  So it is false advertising like none other.  I feel so badly for those who didn't see reviews before purchasing only to realize you got boned big time.  I think it is a cowardly move and completely wrong.  Finish the freaking game then publish it.  Dont rush it out with only 11% of it done and then update it later.  That is cheap and completely unprofessional, especially in a game like this.  

With that being said, I cannot recommend 18 Floors to anyone until I see the rest of the game.  The first two levels at times were punishingly hard, but not horrible.  18 Floors will scratch that escape room itch of yours in a very eerie way, but fails to deliver in terms of overall content, with only 11% of the game actually being completed with no promise that all 18 levels will be finished.  There are better puzzle games out there and I would advise skip on this one. 

PlayPSVR Score: 4/10