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This game puts you in the shoes of a real life superhero, providing you with a set of super powers to eliminate an alien race from destroying all of mankind.  You will be traversing not only our solar system but possibly other galaxies to find Xenospheres, or orbs that contain higher level powers to help fend off the aliens.  It is unlike any other game that I have ever played.  As a normal PSN game I probably wouldn't be too impressed, but in VR it takes this average game and turns it into a memorable experience with a ton of replay value. 


objective of the game

In Megaton Rainfall, you are a being that is uncovering your purpose through an omnipotent "father" who provides you with more skills once you prove to be worthy.  An alien race has attacked Earth with the goal to eliminate mankind.  Simply, you are to kill them before they kill the humans.  When in battle you have a "life bar" that monitors how many casualties there are due to the aliens' attacks and your battle with them.  If you do not get to the aliens fast enough they will kill a large number of humans, ending your game.  However, if you are careless in fighting the enemies and knock down buildings, throw bombs near the cities or destroy enemies close to heavily populated areas then the casualty count will increase as well.  Kill all the aliens before your casualty count gets too high to reveal your purpose in the universe and keep the human race alive. 

                                            Didn't Mom say not to look directly at the sun?

                                            Didn't Mom say not to look directly at the sun?


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The controls in this game are pretty good, but take a little while to get used to.  You use R1 and L1 to elevate in the air and the joystick to move.  If you hold R1 while pushing forward on the joystick you will fly higher and start entering the stratosphere of Earth or space itself.  It is a very good way to travel the Earth or between planets very quickly and isn't a pain in the neck, all while giving you the feeling of flying through space.  Each superpower has a designated button control, whether hold down L2 and R2, the triangle button or push R3, and is very easy to learn and use in the midst of battle.  You can either use the right joystick to move your character rotationally or you can turn your head.  I encourage you to utilize the VR headset as much as possible and use your head.  Some VR games have missed the mark in terms of controls for their characters, but this is not one of those games.  Megaton Rainfall nails it with precise and smooth controls that really aids in helping you feel as if you are soaring to the next city to dispatch re-located aliens. 



Megaton Rainfall has great diversity in both enemies, attacks and things to do during the game.  You can travel to each city and immediately attack the predators or just go on a leisurely flight through the universe to explore new galaxies or planets.  There are a host of different enemies, all with a unique way to kill them.  Killing an enemy is rarely just shoot it.  You must figure out the weakness of each one and take advantage.  There were multiple times in my first play through where I died repeatedly because I had no idea how to kill the enemy.  But it never got annoying because when you respawn you gain some casualty points and are put immediately back where you died, so you don't have to keep repeating the same part of the mission again.  I was impressed with the gameplay and found it very fun and amusing.  Once thing I strongly recommend is to take time to just witness what you are doing and what is happening.  During my first play through I was rushing around so much fighting the enemies I didn't take the time to sit back and just see what it is like flying through the atmosphere or soaring 5 feet above the entire pacific ocean.  To truly appreciate Megaton Rainfall, this is a must.  The first play through of the game probably only takes 5 hours or so, but for a $16 game it was well worth the investment. 

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Interesting tidbits

  • The main portion of the game is to fight the aliens until they are gone.  This is re-iterated throughout the game repeatedly.  Once you eliminate a group, you receive a Xenosphere.  However, there are only 9 missions, but 16 Xenospheres.  The "father" tells you that there are others spheres around the universe.  So a side bar to the game is to travel the universe in search of the other Xenospheres and signs that better characterize why you are special and what your purpose is. 

  • For me the coolest part of the game was a point in which you are following the "father" throughout the universe to showcase a new ability you just earned.  There were no enemies around and no rush so it was the first time I actually just took it all in.  You travel to Saturn and end up flying into Saturn's ring.  The sight was incredible and really showed what VR is about.  The visual stimulation was awe inspiring and was the one part of the game that literally made me stop in my tracks and say "Whoa". 

  • The one thing I think this game is missing that would make it an all-time classic is a Free Play mode, where you didn't have to follow rules.  You just go around to different cities and attack aliens, disregarding how many casualties there are and what you are destroying.  I mean one of the coolest things is to simply destroy stuff. So I wish that mode would exist, but it is still         early, there is still hope.                                  
  • This game is a really good one to show newbies what VR can do and what it's all about.  I know very few friends who have PSVR, or any VR, so one of my favorite activities is to bring friends who have not played VR before and put them under the hood of a game like Megaton.  It is a great one for new people because it is so visually stimulating that it really blows the doors off compared to any 2D game they have ever seen.  This is a great game to set up a VR skeptic to because nothing in 2D can compare to what you experience in VR. 
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For the $16 price point I think Megaton Rainfall is a good buy.  If you don't love the short lived gameplay, you will certainly be taken back by the visuals and being able to see the universe like none of us have seen before.  With solid gameplay, good controls, a unique plot and fun destructive abilities, Megaton Rainfall is a PSVR game that should be downloaded right away. 

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