I Expect You To Die

I Expect You To Die is a game that relies on clever gameplay and excellent controls to test your wit in order to survive deadly scenarios.....just like James Bonds! 


Simply enough the goal of the game is to complete 5 different operations without dying.  You take over control of a secret agent who has a knack of finding himself in sticky situations.  You have no special abilities, no help, just you and your creative ability to devise a way to escape while still finishing your mission. 


I Expect You To Die has very simple controls, which is perfect because this game doesn't need complexity.  You use the Playstation Move Controllers to control your hands.  You pick things up with the trigger button and the Move button interacts with objects (like turning on the lighter or opening a knife). You can target objects far away and move them telepathically to you or away from you.  That is all the controls, and they work to perfection.  The tracking works very well and makes you feel as if you are in seat making all the moves. 

This game is one of the most playful games I've played on the PSVR.  The developers didn't take themselves too seriously and it resulted in a very fun atmosphere with jokes thrown in at relevant times.  One of my favorite themes in the game is that in each level there is a lighter and a cigar.  So it allows you to finish the level and just sit back as the final dominoes fall and puff on your cigar.  Its just a really fun idea and I think aligns with what the game is about.  They challenge your intellect, but make it fun. Kudos to the developers for making such a playful atmosphere. 

Once thrown into a mission, for the most part you are completely lost in what you need to do.  Your boss tells you what the overall goal of the mission is, and every now and then some hints, but you are given nothing else.  So you have to search through every book, shelf, drawer and every nook and cranny for clues or items to help you advance.  This is the fun aspect of the game because you never know what will be instrumental to advance.  

The difficultly of this game is fitting, it isn't too hard, but certainly isn't easy.  I did make it through one level without dying, but it took me a long time regardless.  All the other levels are very difficult and it would be near impossible to beat them first try without dying.  Some of the moves are somewhat contrived, but nothing that after dying once or twice you can't figure out.  The difficulty is perfect. 

Without putting out potential spoilers there isn't too much else to talk about, but please don't take the lack of words as a lack of love.  This game is great and one that most should own.  It's great for those who have friends over and want a game to play where everyone can play and have fun with.  It's easy to pass the headset around and watch as your friends repeatedly die.  


Sadly, this game only has 5 different missions.  You can finish it in two nights of modest gaming.  It was really nice to see that the developers put out a new level recently and haven't completely moved on from their hit. Regardless, don't expect hours upon hours of gameplay here. 

This isn't an improvement, but rather something I found annoying while playing.  There was one level where I kept dying (the underwater submarine one) and when you die you start from square one.  There was one task that was pretty annoying to perform early on and I had to do it like 15 times because I kept dying.  After a while, doing the same tasks over and over got really annoying.  Just something to note, this game lends itself to that, I don't think there is anything the developers could have done to change it. 

The last thing is that once you have beat the game, the replay-ability is relatively low.  Yeah, you will forget some of the steps, but you will soon remember and it's just not as much fun the second time.  However, the replay-ability comes when you have someone else play.  Again, a game like this lends itself to that problem and you know that when you purchase it. I wasn't disappointed and don't think there is anything the developers could do about this, but again, something to note. 


I Expect You To Die is one of the more unique additions to the PSVR library.  The gameplay and controls are everything you would hope it would be and it keeps you engaged the entire time.  There are no lulls in action and this game leaves you craving more.  Although short, I Expect You To Die is a classic game that almost everyone should own.  


Adam StewartComment