In the most basic form, Korix is simply a tower defense game and nothing more.  However, I think VR gives it a new spin that makes an otherwise very average game into one with replay-ability and fun gameplay.  The rules of the game are simple and inherent to every other tower defense game: destroy the enemy's base before they destroy yours.  But before we write off Korix as just an ordinary game, lets dive into what could make it special.  



Korix uses the Playstation shock controller and utilizes basic button mechanics for its controls.  The X button places structures or purchases special units or workers.  R1 rotates your view of the level and other buttons open up the menus to make purchases.  Nothing is too complicated here and the game takes it slow with you initially so you learn the controls quickly.  One little nuisance at times is that you move your controller to place structures.  If you are far away or your controller loses tracking for a small bit of time, you will place a structure somewhere you don't want it.  It isn't a huge problem and doesn't happen that often, but sometimes can be a bit annoying. 




The gameplay is pretty simple and is in line with what you would expect for a tower defense game.  Nothing is inherently special about Korix's gameplay, rather what makes it special is being able to feel more in tune with your game and your defense.  There are a total of 12 maps at this time to play of ranging difficulty.  The game isn't too hard, an average tower defense player could beat this game. Once the game gets going it is pretty fast paced and requires you to make quick decisions on how to advance your forces, what structures to upgrade and what items to use.  There are many different upgrades available to play with, so there is a lot of variability in ways in which you can win.  This adds replay value and overall makes the game more fun.

These are the menus that allow you to choose what structures or allies to join you in your defense. 

These are the menus that allow you to choose what structures or allies to join you in your defense. 

There isn't too much more to say about the gameplay for Korix.  It isn't one of those games in which I had a smile on while playing or was having the time of my life, but it was a nice change of pace game where you can just sit back, relax and play a neat little game.  


quick scope


  • My favorite thing about Korix is, probably obviously, designing your own defense and watching as you take over the level.  I love making my defense into a murderers row, where I force enemies to go down a specific path lined with my turrets, artillery and lasers. Watching as your enemies get slaughtered is so satisfying.  Here is a good example:

The designing is very easy to learn and intuitive.  I really enjoy the blocked design that Korix follows and they make it fun.    

  • This game has a Campaign mode, skirmish mode(where you can play whatever level you want), and multiplayer.  It is nice to have options, but I have never seen anyone on multiplayer, so I don't think this is a heavily played game, so expect to be playing on your own. 


Korix is a good tower defense game that doesn't get cute or fancy, rather keeps it simple.  This does, however, make it somewhat of an average tower defense game that isn't too special or unique.  They used the VR component very well, but VR can only enhance this type of game so much.  If you like tower defense games I say that it is worth purchasing it, otherwise I would save my money for another game that better showcases the PSVR's capabilities.  

Adam StewartComment