Sneaky Bears VR

Quick facts

Objective- To Save "Buddy" and other stuffed panda bears from an evil Teddy Bear
Controller- 2 Playstation Motion Controllers
Length- ~2 hours
Game Style- Comical FPS
Price-$19.99 on PS Store ($50% off for Playstation Plus Members as of 12/14/2017)


Sneaky Bears VR is a first person shooter in which you play as a human trying to save your friend
"Buddy", a stuffed panda bear, and his friends from the evil teddy bear who wants to rip their stuffing out to create an all-powerful army.  It is a very humorous plot, but matches perfectly with the playful comical theme of the game.  Your goal is to take down as many teddy bears as possible while rescuing your stuffed friends before the building burns down, bombs explodes them into pieces or before you are ripped to shreds by enemies. 


The controls are simple for this game as you wield two weapons at all times, being controlled by your two motion controllers.  Each gun is held by holding in the move button on each controller and the trigger is used to shoot the gun.  Your weapons have a limited ammo supply, but instead of searching for more ammunition you just reach toward your belt for another gun.  So, essentially you have unlimited ammo.  The controls are easy and perfect for the game. 

One factor that made this game so enjoyable was how perfect the tracking was.  It is the most fluid and perfectly aligned use of tracking I have played in VR.  You can shoot accurately at all times and there is no drifting during gameplay.  I know that these problems could arise due to how you have your camera and play area set up, but I use the same setup for every game and have had problems in other games.  I never had a single problem while playing Sneaky Bears.  It is a simple thing, and one that is easily overlooked, but it was awesome to see a game nail it perfectly. 


Sneaky Bears VR gameplay is extremely fun and fast paced.  The stark contrast between a game being full of adorable teddy bears and then pelting them with bullets is comical.  It is just a joy to take over and start aiming at all the enemies, items, targets all while accomplishing your main mission.  There are three different modes in Sneaky Bears VR:


This mode is the easiest of the game because you are equipped with a shotgun and a normal gun and you just protect yourself by shooting the teddies that come to end you.  It can get pretty difficult in later levels as there are several different types of enemies so you have to look in the sky, on the ground, watch for things being shot at you and they can come in any direction from your left all the way across your body.  However, once you master the controls and you start popping teddy bears left and right while nailing the targets that pop up you feel like a boss.  By the end of the game you have practiced enough that you can do this all in one fluid motion and it is a blast because you are just picking these guys off like you see in movies.  It really is more fun than I would have imagined.  


This mode has you placed among conveyor belts that bring bombs toward a central area that is filled with some of "Buddy's" panda friends.  You have a normal gun to shoot evil teddies with and a freeze gun that you use to freeze the bombs which defuses them.  If you don't freeze the bombs they explode and destroy your panda friends.  This mode is much more difficult and I think quite possibly the hardest of the three.  There is a lot going on, especially at later levels.  Teddy bears are coming full force from every direction, you are trying to freeze the bombs with your non-dominant hand (which is extremely hard) all while keeping your multiplayer bonus up and hitting the targets.  Again, this seems simple, but once you get in the action you will understand how hard it is to multitask all of this.  It isn't so difficult that it makes the game unenjoyable though and adds a suitable and still fun challenge in the mix.  


The last mode is similar to the bomb mode, but instead of a freeze gun you are given a water gun.  The mastermind evil teddy bear lights trash buckets around you on fire which you have to douse to prevent the entire complex from catching on fire.  While doing this you have to defend yourself from waves of teddy bears that come to kill you.  This is also difficult because not only do you need to hit the buckets on fire with water, but you must douse them for a good 3-4 seconds.  If you only squirt a little water on there then the fire will remain.  On the last levels you will have three or four bucket on fire, teddies coming after you and the stress gets ratcheted up big time.  Oftentimes, you will have to shoot the buckets with water but then look away and shoot teddy bears but keep your non-dominant hand steady so you are still watering the bucket.  This is a real challenge but still really fun.  

Each mode has 5 different levels and then you really put your skills to the test against the final boss.  So there are only 16 rounds of games total.  The game isn't easy, but isn't too hard either, it is right in that sweet spot.  The graphics are fantastic and the gameplay is fun.  

I only have two complaints about this game. First of all (and easily the biggest) I finished the game in just under 2 hours.  That is a pretty short game.  And for $20 (although it is reduced in US PS Store right now, it's only $10 GO GET IT!!! (as of 12/14/17)) that is pushing the limits of price for time of enjoyment.  Second, the game has limited replay value for a single player.  There is a scoring system which can challenge you on each level, but after the first playthrough you know the plot, levels and because of the simple design there isn't too much else to offer. 

However, this game does have value in that it would be a great game for new players or people who you want to show off the PSVR.  There is no way it would make anyone motion sick.  The controls and gameplay are fluid and work to perfection so it would be a great game for family or friends who have never played VR to try.  The concept of the game is hilarious and would be a hoot.  Also, it is a great pass and play game, where if you have a party each person can easily take a turn.  

In conclusion, I think Sneaky Bears VR is a vastly under-rated game due to its fun and quirky style.  Most first person shooters are much more serious, but War Ducks did something different, and I commend them for that.  It is extremely well developed and all facets of the game work great.  Although short, the gameplay is really fun and has the potential to turn good parties into great ones with funny plots, addicting controls and overall great gameplay.