Neverout is an intriguing, mind-evoking game that takes place in a variety of square padded rooms that share the same goal: to get out.  Each room contains a panel that once reached, will drop you into the next room.  You will have to move boxes, use portals and use critical thinking skills as well as wit to maneuver through each stage. 

Genre: Puzzle
Controller: Dual Shock
Length: ~3 hours
Price: $7.99
PlayPSVR Score: 5

Neverout reminds me of the movie "Cube" which, if you have seen it, has striking similarities.  In Cube, several people are put into a a series of trapped rooms, very similar to Neverout, however, the only difference is that people were killed in Cube.  Thankfully Neverout that isn't that case.  Because otherwise most of us would be dead. 

The game is simple in theory, you are put in the room with the goal to reach a certain tile which when you land on top of it, drops you down into a different room, progressing you through the game.  It is a good straightforward puzzler that bypasses all the thrills and extra intricacies of some of the earlier PSVR puzzle games.  

I enjoy the progression through this game, as it starts out easy and slowly get more difficult.  Many games ramp up difficulty too quickly, but Neverout succeeds in this category.  Obstacles include boxes, various tiles that need objects to be placed on them, electric "fences" and other pretty clever little tricks that bend your mind and test your critical thinking.  

The atmosphere of the game begins as creepy, but loses its luster fast, as the silence and lack of decor or detail in the rooms leads to a rather boring environment.  At first you are locked in a square box that seems dingy and dirty and you get that eerie feeling that you've been drugged and dropped into a killing cell, but that is not the case.  It's just one of several cube shaped rooms I think with no real reasoning behind the exterior design.  The graphics are actually pretty good, but needlessly so, as there isn't anything to look at.  

The puzzles truly are challenging, as you have to orient yourself in a special way and think in an abnormal way too.  When you approach the side of a wall, the room turns so that wall you were just looking at now is at your feet.  So all objects now fall to that floor.  Just think of someone in a rubiks cube, if someone got to the end of one side, the entire things flips so the bottom is now at that wall.  It is an odd way to think and really makes these puzzles much more interesting.  

One thing I love is that the game is about 3 hours, very challenging and only $8.  It would be hard for me to recommend this game otherwise, but for those reasons if you are a puzzle lover this would be a phenomenal buy.  Not many games give you that value. 

A negative I have to detail is that the longer you play the game, the less appeal it has.  The first few levels were awesome and I enjoyed the challenge and unique style Neverout has.  But once I got about 2 hours in I was ready to call it quits.  Had it not been for the fact that I needed to finish it to review the game I would have definitely stopped short of completing it.  I would have possibly picked it up at a later time, but to play it a long time in a short time is not recommended.  There is little atmosphere and simply after a while gets rather old. 

Neverout is a clever take on escape room games with excellent value for your money and challenging game play.  Lack of atmosphere, little diversity in game play and somewhat repetitive tasks do bring a downside to the title.  However, if you are a puzzle VR fan, I have a hard time not recommending this one to you.

PlayPSVR Score: 5/10