Dark Eclipse

Dark Eclipse is PSVR's first multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) that pits you against AI, friends or an online nemesis.  By choosing a cast of leaders with special effects, skills and stats your goal is to overtake the map and destroy your enemy's base.  The nature of these games provide countless hours of game play and contain new leaders, skins, avatars, etc. to unlock via EP collected during online combat.  

Quick Notes
Genre: MOBA
Length: Endless
Price: Free
Controller: Dual Shock or Move Controller
PlayPSVR Score: 8

Dark Eclipse is the first MOBA that I have ever played, so unfortunately I can't give an accurate comparison between it and other popular titles.  However, what I can tell you is that I thoroughly enjoy playing this game and although it lacks a perfectly polished experience, the price, strategy and fun is provides is well worth your time.  

In the simplest of ideas, Dark Eclipse is a game where you meet people online, pick your team and advance toward your enemy's base to destroy it before they do the same to you.  This is no easy feat as it takes strategy, timing and some skill to maneuver this.  In the beginning of the game you choose 3 characters.  1 Leader and 2 other supporting characters.  These 3 will be the foundation of your team and each possess different stats, passive and active skills.  There are characters that fight long range, close range and some that heal.  You and your enemy take turns picking these leaders and you can't have the same ones.  So the strategy is immediately exercised here.  

You then go to a randomly generated map where on opposite ends you and your enemy have each of your bases.  Each of your main 3 characters have little what I call grunts.  Essentially small fighters that kill enemies and collect resources for you, but are much much weaker.  At your base you can heal, upgrade your little grunts or add more of them once you have enough quarks (essentially currency).  

You can use either the dual shock controller or a move controllers.  For once, I can't believe I'm saying this, I prefer the move controller.  As you move your characters around you use a simulated hand to do so.  So it makes sense to just use a single hand and a move controller but the controls are more intuitive this way and just feels better too.  

As far as the game play goes, you stand over the map and use your hand to guide your characters where you want.  The graphics are very appealing and look great.  It reminds me a lot of Preta: Vendetta Rising because it is that type of style and then because its isn't a first person view the overall look is very similar.  

The most fun aspect of the game is deciding your strategy in the beginning of the game.  You must attack enemies called eaters to help raise your character's level, but you can also create towers that attack the nearby enemies and help raise quarks for you.  Differing strategies include going ham on all the eaters to raise your level, somewhat disregarding towers, attacking epic and legendary eaters that give you high experience points and buffs, bull rushing your opponent early on or waiting for your opponent to come to you, battle them then counter strike,etc.  It is quite stressful in the middle of battle to know which is the best and it requires quick decision making skills. 

The entire game isn't this high stress environment, however.  Much of the game is just collecting resources and dull combat against eaters.  But you do all the more boring stuff so you can be prepared for the big showdown.  It is a ton of fun and possibly even more interesting to see how your enemy reacts and their strategy.  Now I think I understand better why people spend hours watching MOBAs.  I never understood that, I always was much more of a player than watcher,  but now I understand the merit.  

Especially for being a free game, I don't have many complaints about Dark Eclipse.  The biggest thing is that it is slightly underpolished.  For example, when you open the game you have to access the main menu via a dual shock controller.  You can't open it with a motion controller because once it asks you to push a button it won't register unless it's done using a dual shock.  Also, when I played vs. a friend the opening blue screen glitched on me a bit.  The tutorial is okay, but if you are confused starting off (like I was for never playing a MOBA) the tutorial will only confuse you more.  

Again, this game is free and overall I enjoy it much more than most $15-$20 games so I can't complain one bit.  That is one reason why I implore you to download the game and check it out.  The way the game is set up is nice because it isn't so dependent on previous game play or characters that if you go against a person who has played 100 more matches than you it doesn't mean you will get crushed.  You can literally win against anyone with the right strategy and understanding regardless of how long you have been playing or how much money you have spent on the game (if you choose to buy the other characters).  

Dark Eclipse thus far is easily my favorite free PSVR game and has the depth for hours and hours of fun game play.  The strategy, anticipation, graphics, presentation, combat and multiplayer components make this game a must play at least once.

PlayPSVR Score: 8