Suit up and rampage against the evil Optera in 9 fascinating missions as one of four different available characters.  Choose single player or online multiplayer as you unravel the plot while taking on hoards of enemies.  You will soon forget that you aren't in the vast, detailed world of Evasion with it's immersive nature and beautiful landscapes.  Afterwards, take on the ultimate test in Survival mode which increases replay value and provides hours of fun with your comrades.  

Genre: FPS
Controller: Aim Controller/Dual Shock
Length: 4-5 hours (playing campaign mode single player)
PlayPSVR Score: 6

If you are looking for a solid FPS with fantastic graphics, good music and multiplayer game play, then Evasion is definitely your type of game.  It reminds me all too much of Farpoint (which isn't a bad thing) with better graphics and not as good of a plot.  Honestly, Evasion is like a mixture of DOOM VFR and Farpoint.  It has Farpoint controls and feel along with the music and grit of DOOM.  These are all strong compliments, however, Evasion isn't perfect, but let's cover what the game does well. 

First, controls are awesome.  I strongly recommend you exclusively use the Aim controller with this one.  It adds crazy amounts of immersion, makes it easier and more fun.  I had issues with a little Aim drift, but nothing a little shaking of the controller couldn't solve.  Be sure to go immediately to the settings and take off the snap turning and slow movement speed if you can take it.  This will help exponentially and make the game more enjoyable.  

The first thing that I was impressed by were the graphics.  Everything is clear and crisp.  The world you are in looks awesome and it really does remind me of a less mysterious Farpoint just without all the blurriness.  I was also playing the game on the Pro, so that might help as well. 

Each mission has its own land and although all are connected, each is unique enough to present a seemingly new experience.  The details on the gun, electrical equipment and landmarks show the amount of thought and time spent in making the game look great.  

The combat is fun.  For the first 3 hours or so.  You have a normal shot and then a charge shot that does something a little different for all the characters.  Again, the Aim controller works perfectly and the feeling of killing enemies is gratifying.  After you collect enough resources, you can use a "Surge" Attack, which is a special attack dependent on your character. You also have a tether that grabs onto the enemy when they are weak and decimates them.  It's awesome watching them blow up and most of the time you get some health or a power up when you execute this.  

Before I dive into some of the issues I want to discuss the 4 different characters.  All have different amounts of health, different guns, charge attacks, tethers, shields and surge attacks.  Other than these offensive differences, I don't see any differences, but it is really fun trying all of them out and using them in different scenarios.  The Surgeon, for example, is faster at healing a downed party member while the Warden is a tank who can take damage and deal it out with his stronger weapon.  Overall, you have the Surgeon, Warden, Striker and Engineer to play as.  In multiplayer it is important to pick your team wisely as you will need a large amount of teamwork to be victorious.  

I wasn't overly impressed with the plot of Evasion, although I have a strong feeling you aren't going to play this for the plot.  You play as a hero of the Vanguard that is attempting to save a human colony from the enemy Optera.  To do this you complete 9 different missions (ranging from 20-30 minutes long each).  It was pretty basic and didn't offer the mystery that Farpoint provided or plot twists at all.  It was just a standard plot of AI telling you what to do while making fun of the fact you are a human with unwitty banter and rather uninspired excitement.  

There are no glaring issues with Evasion, no bugs, glitches, obvious oversights.  However, I have a few issues, some that, for me, really ruined the experience for me.  First, and least of all, this game requires a lot of dodging, moving and taking cover to avoid the insane amounts of projectiles coming your way.  And when you strafe it's so freaking slow.  I know this may be so you don't get motion sickness but make that an option! If you want to avoid fire, don't strafe.  It's too slow and you'll get rocked.  It's a huge part of the game and a failure on the game's part.  Second, the shield they give you is so small.  Even the largest one of the 4 characters is way to small! Granted yeah if the enemies shoot at you in your head or torso area it's fine, but again, until you see game play or play it yourself you won't understand how many bullets, bombs, enemies, etc are being shot at you.  So you can guard your top half, but there is so much that they just shoot your legs, which you take damage.  So the shield in heavy combat is only helping with possibly 60% of the bullets.  

Finally, and for me the nail in the coffin, is the repetitious game play.  The first 4 missions are fine, but then it gets to be a total joke.  I strongly recommend you not play this game single player.  It's borderline miserable at the later levels.  Multiplayer (which is the intent) is much better, but still problematic.  The enemy selection is very very weak.  Maybe 10 different enemies in the entire game.  And you just keep killing the same ones over and over and over.  They introduce boss enemies in the early missions, THEN RE-USE THEM! The enemies dont have different attacks or stats or strategies, you just fight them again.  Then the biggest kick in nuts is then as a final boss you have to fight 2 of the previous bosses.  Like what is this?  With all the effort you put into the game couldn't you have come up with an additional 10 enemies?  Im baffled.  The later levels there are just so many enemies and so much stuff to dodge and kill I would have almost rather died than kept going.  After the last 3 missions my hand actually hurt from shooting with the Aim controller and I had to take a mini-break.  Again, multiplayer helps with this, but doesn't help with the lack of diversity and once you play the campaign once, there isn't really a reason to play it again.  This was the most disappointing aspect of the game for me.  

Survival mode is fun, but again, once you play this several times it just doesn't become that fun anymore.  You can see the amount of care and detail they put into the game.  Another thing that makes me hopeful for this game is that if the development team wants, in the future this game would be crazy easy to add extra content or DLC's.  Give us a new level, new characters, new enemies, new modes, PvP, etc.  Honestly, that is what saved Farpoint.  After finishing Farpoint, I didn't play it again until it got Co-Op and PvP, so I'm hoping that is what Evasion does as well, because it is a good game, just lacks in diverse game play.  

All in all, Evasion is a fast paced mix of Farpoint and DOOM VFR with limited motivation to continuing playing after your first play through.  The 4 main characters as well as multiplayer add a nice touch to the game, but the repetitious game play is the pitfall of the game.  If you like Firewall: Zero Hour, Farpoint and DOOM, give Evasion a chance to win you over with its impressive environments, fun combat and hope for some new content in the future. 

PlayPSVR Score: 6