Beats Fever

Jump into the musical world of Beats Fever where the rhythm and music will take you away to distant lands as you test your skill collecting jewels in hectic fast paced game play.  With 40 tracks to play there is a lot of content to experience with even more replay value which will test your skills as you attempt to top your previous scores.

Genre: Music game
Controller: Move Controllers
Price: $19.99
Length: 2+ hours for a single play through
PlayPSVR Score: 7.5

I know what we were all thinking.  A Beat Saber ripoff already!?! I am here to tell you no, even with an extremely unfortunate name (why would they use a title that similar?) Beats Fever is not a Beat Saber clone.  There are some similarities, but I am going to hold off with the Beats Saber until the end when I compare the two.  

Beats Fever reminds me very much of Run Dorothy Run in that you are holding two "wands" in your hands as geometric jewels fly toward you.  Take your wands and tap each jewel as they appear on the screen in front of you for max points and continue to do this.  It's simple in nature, but much harder to actually achieve. 

Another thing I will say is that the game is much more fun to play than it is to watch.  As I watched some game play footage before beginning myself it was pretty uninspiring.  It just didn't look that fun, but playing it is actually much better.  You feel more immersed, you can feel the stress of being pummeled by the notes and it simply is much more fun.  So don't trust watching game play when it comes to deciding to pull the trigger on this one. 

The thing I am most blown away by are that there are 40 TRACKS!!! I couldn't believe it.  That is a ton of content for $20 and assuming each song is close to 3 minutes, a minimum of 2 hours of tunes and game play minimally.  Another thing that is done well is that there is a wide range of diversity in the music.  It isn't just techno music.  There are cool vibe music you would hear at a coffee shop, some 80s type music, some techno and just some others that I wouldn't really know how to classify it.  But much more variety than any other game we have played. 

There are several different environments to play the game in which is nice that the developers put in the time to change your surroundings to spice up the game play and aesthetics.  The graphics aren't anything to celebrate, but you will be so focused on the game that you won't notice that you aren't in graphically impressive worlds.  

Honestly, I don't have a real complaint with this game.  I was so surprised on how well it was developed and how good quality it is.  The one thing that I would mention as a negative, which isn't on the development or execution of the game is the game play itself.  Although fun, holding a wand up to a floating jewel isn't going to give you a wow factor or crazy amounts of immersion or an experience that you will remember necessarily.  It's not going to be a game you will show off to your friends.  In no way is this game bad, but it's not overly fun either.  Beat Saber is memorable because you are slashing and destroying blocks.  It's fun, original and different.  This doesn't give you that adrenaline boost or make you feel like a total animal.  

The price of $20 is a great buy since there are 40 songs and there is certainly replay value here.  There isn't a global leader board, but hopefully that can be added in the near future.  The game also isn't one that will make you sweat too much.  You hold the wands out in front of you and you have to hold them there the entire time in different positions.  So your arms will be sore, but you won't be sweating as much as other games. 

So here come the comparisons.  Honestly, Beats Fever stacks up pretty well with Beat Saber and does a lot of things better.  First, I would say the quality of music tracks in Beat Saber is slightly better than Beats Fever.  However, Beats Fever has 40 tracks and aren't going to make you pay to have more.  So that is a big plus and probably I would say in this category it is a wash.  Beats Fever has different environments you can play in, Beat Saber you don't.  I like this feature.  In Beat Saber if you perform poorly you get kicked out of the level, in Beat Fever you can continue the song and just get a bad grade on that song.  Which I like.  Beats Fever gives you a progress report for the grade you will receive at the end of the song.  It's nice to know how far away you are to getting an A.  Beat Saber doesn't do that.  Beats Fever isn't as much fun to play because you aren't swiping and smashing.  So Beat Saber gets a big win there.  But...Beat Saber makes you sweat like an animal whereas Beats Fever doesn't.  That could be a good or bad thing depending on you.  Beats Fever is $20 and Beat Saber is $30.  

Here is the thing.  I am not trying to convince you one way or the other which is the better game.  However, what I can confidently say is that Beats Fever is not that far in terms of quality from Beat Saber as you would expect. Because of this I want to stress to you that you should not dismiss Beats Fever.  That is my biggest concern for this game.  People with Beat Saber will dismiss it because they already have the big title, others will simply ignore it because they think it's a ripoff.  Beats Fever is in fact a good game and should be considered if not surely purchased by all those who enjoy Eletronauts, Run Dorothy Run, Beats Saber or many of the other musical games for the PSVR. 

Beats Fever is a surprisingly great quality game with 40 musical tracks, good music, different environments and overall is a well executed rhythm game.  It is going to be easy to dismiss this game due to the circumstances mentioned above but I stress to you that you shouldn't.  Consider this well priced game and shake what your Momma gave you. 

PlayPSVR Score: 7.5