VRFC (Virtual Reality Futbol Club) provides hours of fast paced entertainment by putting the player in the shoes of a professional soccer player.  Currently (as of 3/8/18) there are extensive training levels as well as an active online game presence (and soon to be an offline campaign mode).  As you score more goals, play more games and gain experience you can unlock new kits (uniforms, colors, etc.) for your player and team.  VRFC is one of the first sports simulation games for the PSVR and although the idea was far reaching, the game works on a multitude of levels and is currently the best best sports game on the system. 

Quick Facts

Game Style: First Person Sports 
Controller: Motion Controllers
Game Length: N/A (endless supply of online matches)
Price: $19.99
PlayPSVR Score: 7

At one point in my life I had played 15 consecutive years of organized soccer.  I loved it.  I played midfield and enjoyed the fact that every attack, defense and play ran through me or another midfielder.  When this game was released I was really excited because my love for the sport.  I was never a real FIFA guy and never played soccer games in the past, I'd rather just go out and play actual games.  So if you don't like FIFA, don't immediately count this game out because they are completely different.  

The theory of the game is simple.  You just play soccer.  There are plenty of training courses that you can practice your skills and get used to the controls (trust me, you'll need it).  But the main source of fun here are the multi-player online matches.  Each team is provided an AI goalie (who is actually a total beast) and plays as a two-on-two soccer game.  I was a little disappointed to see that it wasn't 11 on 11 but that would take a ton of work, need a ton of online players and maybe just too advanced for this stage of PSVR.  You get the ball, pass the ball, kick the ball, score the ball and then celebrate like a boss.  

Now for the controls.  Oh boy.  This game boasts (if you want to call it that) the most complicated control scheme I have ever played.  Every button on the move controllers does something and not only that, but they all do something different.  For example, X on the right motion controller passes the ball, but X on the left one does something different.  But O on the left motion controller passes.  Why not just say X is to pass regardless of controller?  Then you have dribble assist (which is a must) but you can't access certain features when using it.  Dribble assist really helps you stay behind the ball and simply run so you don't lose the ball.  Seriously, it is a necessity because the controls are so difficult.  But when this is enabled you always follow the ball.  You can't move or face away from the ball.  So if you are dribbling it, then pass it to your teammate then you will continue to run toward the ball.  You have to take dribble assist off then navigate your way from the guy with the ball.  Also, you can't use smooth turning when dribble assist is on. Why!?! That is so unnecessary.  

Honestly, I could discuss controls for the next 8 paragraphs because they are essential to the game.  So much so that honestly, I feel that the best players in the game aren't skilled more than anyone else, or have better teamwork or know the game better, rather, they had the discipline to sit down and understand the controls.  This is not what you want in a game.  It is very difficult to tell you how hard the controls are to not master, but even learn well enough to play the basics of the game.  I think it is something that can only be understood by playing it.  My point here is that if you purchase the game expect a pretty steep learning curve.  However, once you get them, you will own everyone because no one is good at them (with a few exceptions I have seen thus far).  

The one thing that confuses me is that the actual game is way to simple but the controls are so so complicated?  So it's only two on two.  The most basic "game" of soccer, if you can even call it a game with only 6 players (two of them controlled by robots).  There aren't player stats, no dedicated teams, no offline campaign (for now), very very limited strategy and overall just very basic gameplay.  So why are the controls so freaking complicated!!!! Why do you need to strafe in a 2v2 soccer game? Why does every button need to do something different?  WHY CANT YOU RUN TOWARD THE DIRECTION THAT YOU ARE LOOKING!!!!!!!! It makes the game so difficult to play. 

As I mentioned, I had to discuss the controls because it is like 85% of the game.  Although I dislike the controls, I really enjoy this game.  Surprised? Probably after that last rant.  Having a simple game is perfectly fine with me.  Honestly, this to me is the first mainstream sports game available for the PSVR.  I don't count that NBA 2K17 thing, or 100FT Robot Golf, or racing games.  Knockout League definitely counts, but doesn't have to consider many of the fast moving mechanics that a real life, multiplayer sports game has to consider, so in that regard, VRFC is novel.  And it is hard to be the frontrunner and I was afraid that it was either going to be a huge success or a complete failure.  It is definitely much closer to a huge success than a failure. 

The game is really fun.  Moving your arms with the controllers that simulate running is just fun.  I don't know why, but it tricks my mind into thinking that I am actually running.  And it's a good workout.  After about 5 games you will be sweating it up.  If you put a little weight on those controllers you're gonna look like a toned monster in no time.  Just running up and down the field, connecting passes and shooting the ball is a blast.  It reminds me of a better version of soccer in RecRoom.  

Another thing that I enjoy is that VRFC is a cross-platform game, so this will keep the community growing strong so you will be able to play matches online.  The fact is that while VR is an amazing community, there isn't enough people yet for online games to be a mainstay.  We have seen games like Werewolves Within, Sparcc and Starblood Arena (all good games people enjoy) fail to some extent because they relied so heavily on multiplayer matches.  With an inclusion of campaign mode this will not be as big of an issue for VRFC, but if they do not hurry, then in the future it might be an issue. 

This game for me was difficult to rate because there is a discrepancy between how much I enjoyed because of my own background and feels and how the majority of other players will feel.  Personally, I would rate it as like an 8 or 8.5 in my personal PSVR collection.  But I love soccer, like social games and enjoy the fact there is a live action sports game.  However, I am aware that most people (at least in the United States) could give a rats butt about soccer and will not enjoy it because of that fact, which is why I ultimately gave the game a 7.  But if you are a fan of soccer, I have to believe that for you this will rate higher. 

Overall, VRFC is a mighty fine example of how live action sports games can be done in VR.  The controls are more complicated than they should be, but everything else is fun and well done.  The game play is fast paced and exciting, because of cross platforming matches are available at almost all times, the development studio plans on addition features that will increase the enjoyment for players and in general the game is just fun to play.  If you are a sports fan, soccer lover or interested in getting your sweat on, VRFC very well may be for you. 

PlayPSVR Score: 7