Super Amazeballs

Virtual reality presents a double-edged sword in terms of game design.  On one hand, it seems natural to want to retread old ground from a design perspective, hoping that a new coat of immersive virtual perspective paint will make fresh that which has gone stale.   However, going that route, one runs the risk of wasting the power of virtual reality on dead-beaten horses.



If one were to ask Braincells Productions, the developer of Super Amazeballs, how it is that they pulled it off, I’m sure they’d have a simple answer: they did it with style.


The concept behind Super Amazeballs is simple.  By tilting a 3 dimensional course trapped inside a sphere, one must use gravity to guide the ball from point A to point B along a twisting, turning, looping, and undulating course.  The Move controllers are used to “grab” a portion of the sphere in order to tilt and turn, and despite a couple of hiccups with tracking, it all works relatively well. Sometimes there were moments of jumpy tracking that launched my ball off track, but the levels aren’t long or frustrating enough to make repeat trials especially frustrating.


But despite the simple concept, the game fills in the gaps with style.  The synthwave 80s aesthetic combines with an exceptional soundtrack to provide a precarious but casual gameplay experience.  It was an unexpected feeling to be so enthralled and engaged by such a simple game. But anyone who spent hours fawning over the melodies and palettes of classics like “Marble Madness” shouldn’t be surprised.


Ultimately, there’s not much to say about Super Amazeballs. The gameplay is straightforward. The style is eye catching.  And the soundtrack is fantastic. With 25 different mazes, the game doesn’t have an incredible amount of content, but at its current launch price, it provides a wonderfully simple but exciting experience.  And also, did I mention, the music is great?


Rating: 8 out of 10.


Adam StewartComment