Along Together

Dog-Gone Fun

Dog-Gone Fun

When virtual reality was finally realized in modern gaming, game ideas began springing forth at a rapid pace.  However, nearly every idea shared one characteristic in common: a first person viewpoint. The idea that a first person perspective was necessary changed when we played Robot Rescue on the PSVR demo disc, and it was shattered when Moss released to near universal acclaim.  Virtual Reality and third person gaming can go hand in hand with great success.

And that’s why I applaud games like Along Together, a third person adventure-puzzler that carries on the third person, virtual reality game design conceit.  In Along Together, I assumed the role of a young child’s imaginary friend, who helps explore different environments in search of his or her runaway dog.  It’s an idea not far removed from what gamers encountered in Moss as a guiding spirit, and it’s an idea that works similarly as well in Along Together.

As a floating hand, controlled by the Dual Shock motion controls, I pushed and pulled and twisted key elements of the environment to free up the path of my young cohort whom I controlled via the analog stick.  All of the mechanics felt natural, and I was happy that consideration was taken to ensure that I never got too twisted or turned around while trying to manipulate the environment. As my floating hand tugged and pulled at objects, I never felt confused as to which direction I should be trying to move, which is more than I can say for other motion-control dependent games.

Aside from the mechanics, Along Together is a sharp game as well.  The graphics aren’t impressive, but they’re clean and serve well the presentation of the game.  Although there weren’t jaw-dropping spectacles, I felt unfettered and at times excited as I made my away across surprisingly large environments.  There’s something childishly enjoyable about running around a world with your dog, jumping and climbing in tandem while trying to reach each other.  And the enjoyment is helped by a relaxed and playful tone to the entire experience.

And that is ultimately the feeling I got from Along Together as a whole.  It did nothing spectacularly, but it was engaging and relaxing, and it mixed in intermittent moments of excitement and playfulness.  If you’re looking for more of that puzzle-adventure gameplay and more playful puppy-loving attitude, then Along Together will make you smile.


Rating: 7.0 out of 10.0

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