SculptrVR Review

SculptrVR is a 3-dimensional game that allows you to create and sculpt anything you desire.  With precision controls, fun creation elements and an easy to use interface, SculptrVR can entertain for hours on hours.  

Quick Facts
Genre: 3D Creation
Price: $19.99
Game Length: N/A
Controller: 2 Move Controllers 
PlayPSVR Score: 7

If you are an art lover, sadly there are not too many options for creating three dimensional art on the PSVR.  Most notably are Discovery, CoolpaintrVR and now SculptrVR.  Discovery is essentially minecraft for VR, which is awesome in it's own right, however, you are limited to grid based designs and you can only use available sprites.  CoolpaintrVR is all inclusive, possesses a few extraordinary features such as exporting your art so they can be 3D printed, playing soundtracks and having an enormous amount of drawing options.  However, this causes a disconnect with the user because it is extremely hard to master and create.  SculptrVR is a hybrid of these two in which you have a more limited array of drawing tools than Coolpaintr, but is immensely easier to use and create with.  

You will notice that you stand among a vast gridded area with no music, no directions, nothing in front of you.  But this is refreshing.  You are only here with your thoughts, feelings and imagination.  The two move controllers track perfectly and make the game a joy to play.  If you think about it, if the controllers did not track well, the game would be obsolete almost immediately.  But SculptrVR nailed the tracking and use of the move controllers.  Literally the only thing holding you back from creating anything that you want is your imagination.  SculptrVR is easy enough to master and play that skill isn't even a huge issue.  Mainly creativity and time will be the determining factors of how your experience will be.  

One of my favorite things about SculptrVR is that you can very easily move your creations in anyway to view, sculpt or work on it.  This seems like a duh statement for a 3D art game, but Coolpaintr did not do it well so it is something I think I should note here.  Rather than restricting you to thin lines and elaborate drawing tools, Sculptr VR gives you spheres, cones, cylinders and other very basic shapes to paint with.  The default "brush" size is also quite large, but helps in allowing you to contour whatever your creation is.  You can later then make is smaller by shrinking it.  

Something that is difficult for me to explain is how much easier SculptrVR is to use.  My main complaint with CoolpaintrVr was that it is simply way too difficult to create anything that looks decent.  You could pour 3 hours into something and by the end it looked like a third grader who was given their first ever jar of play-doh.  However, SculptrVR is very intuitive and my first creation (a taco) was good enough to share without feeling like the most unartistic person in the world.  This is extremely important, because most of us playing PSVR aren't art majors.  We may not be artistic at all.  So something that is intuitive and easy to use should be priority number one.  And Sculptr VR nailed it.  

The game provides quite a few cool features that can take your creations to the next level.  You can make it night or day by moving the sun which is somewhere in the sky.  So art will look different at night than at day and you can even sculpt with glow in the dark colors so they show up brightly at night.  There is also a tool to create like a particle effect, just with small cubes rather than spheres.  So you can create some type of outer space around your creation.  There are many color choices and with having the possibility of shrinking/enlarging your creations the possibilities are endless.  What simply blows my mind is how creative and how good the art can be.  Just google or watch some youtube of SculptrVR creations.  They are wonderful!

On a little side note, one of my favorite things to do is destroy stuff.  If you remember Mario Paint back in the day, one of the things people liked most is how many different ways you could erase your drawing.  SculptrVr takes a page out of this book and gives you a little rocket ship that you can blast off and it destroys whatever it hits.  I know it seems juvenile, but when I send a rocket off to annihilate a chunk of my art I can't help but to yell "Boom!".  It really is so so fun.  I don't know why, but it is so fulfilling to try it.  That should be your priority number 1 when opening the game.  

I really really enjoy Sculptr VR but there are just a couple things I think could be easily fixed that would help make the game better.  First, it really is limited on drawing tools.  Although I like how simple it is because the developer put their time in ease of use rather than the bells and whistles of little things, but the tools could be more diverse.  The color palette selection tool could be better and just give me more stuff to play with.  You exhaust your drawing tools within 30 minutes.  Also, I find it very weird there is no music.  I see that maybe the same music over and over could get old, but it feels odd to be in a space with no ambient music at all.  At least give us an option or better yet let us upload our own spotify playlist or something like that if possible.  

SculptrVR is the most user friendly of the PSVR art creation games and certainly worth your time/money investment if you are into expressing yourself through art or want a fun interface to play around in.  It is so easy to pick up and play, sculpt whatever you desire or just play around.  With the developer expressing desires to continue to add tools, features and possibly even multiplayer, SculptrVR is here to stay.  

PlayPSVR Score: 7