Trickster VR Review

Trickerster VR is one of the few dungeon crawlers on the PSVR.  This game provides a wide variety of skills, weapons, upgrades and items to spruce up the grinding nature of these types of games.  Although Trickster VR doesn't have a plot, the game possesses replay value in upgrades and fun game play.  With no true ending in sight, Trickster VR will provide hours of game play and reigns as the most immersive dungeon crawler yet.  

Quick Notes
Genre: Dungeon Crawler
Controller: Move Controllers
Length:  Unlimited
Price: 17.99
PlayPSVR Score: 6

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Trickster VR is a pleasant deviation from what I typically think of dungeon crawlers.  I think of Crystal Rift or Dreadhalls, where you are literally in a dark dungeon and the game tests your patience more than skill.  Trickster VR avoids these pitfalls, as you actually play in a host of spacious fun areas with things to explore and places to go.  With the addition of the move controllers as well, it provides more immersive game play somewhat like Skyrim but in a more cartoonish way. 

There is no plot to Trickster VR so it is your only goal to travel to different lands, fight monsters and level up.  By gaining experience you unlock new weapons, skills and spells.  In addition, you unlock new lands to explore and encounter even stronger enemies.   With such a simple idea you would think that the game would lack in diversity to set it apart, but surprisingly Trickster VR has plenty of action and motivation to keep playing.  

The tracking on the move controllers is as always: a crapshoot.  For use of swords and guns I think they work well and there aren't any issues.  But using a bow is very difficult and when you need very precise movements I just don't trust these to get the job done.  If you like the feel and tracking of Skyrim then you will like these because it reminds me almost exactly of those controls and feel.  It fails where Skyrim fails and exceeds where Skyrim exceeds.  

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I like to say that Trickster VR is a cross between Skyrim and Ancient Amuletor.  It has Skyrim movements and controls with Ancient Amulator's looks and graphics.  I also like that unlike most dungeon crawlers this game possesses a couple game play modes.  I mean that it is all single player, but it isn't just go out and kill enemies.  There are other games in which you defend a portal while enemies come to you.  And other VR ports to my knowledge have multiplayer and PSVR does not at this moment and although I have no idea if it ever will, but maybe that will become a thing in the future?  If so, this game would become even better. 

One thing I admire, and think is the game's strong suit, is the variability in weapons.  There are crossbows, swords, throwing knives, spells, bow/arrow, double swords, shields, scrolls, etc.  Not only are there these base weapons, but as you level up the weapons each has hidden skills and abilities that unlock.  So it becomes almost like an entirely different weapon.  This provides motivation to keep playing with the same weapons but to also switch it up and unlock all the upgrades.  

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With that being said one area Trickster VR doesn't deliver in is overall excitement longevity.  The first 4 hours are great and new enemies pop up, new worlds are unlocked and you have a great time.  But once enemies are repeated and it takes longer to level up, it starts to get a little grindy and too repetitive.  I don't know if I could play this game for 10 hours honestly.  But since there is no plot, nothing is really telling you to do that I suppose, but you want to get your money's worth and that internal drive to reach a conclusion isn't met.  

All in all, Trickster VR is the liveliest dungeon crawler on the PSVR and delivers with an assortment of enemies, weapons and objectives.  However, the game play begins to become dull and repetitive after a few hours which limits its potential.  If you are looking for a a fun dungeon crawler to pour a few hours into, Trickster VR should be on the top of your list. 

PlayPSVR Score: 6/10