Rick and Morty: Virtual-Rickality

Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality is a fun, light-hearted and clever experience for any VR fan, but especially for those of us who are huge fans of the hit show Rick and Morty.  Transform into one of Rick's Morty clones as you do laundry, fix space ships, work on science projects and ensure that the real Rick and Morty stay safe.  This VR game, although short and quite pricey, is one of the more fun puzzle type experiences on the PSVR and will have you laughing the entire journey. 

Genre- Puzzle Experience
Controller: 2 Move controllers
Price: $29.99 or Collector's Edition $59.99
Game Length: ~2-3 hours
PlayPSVR Score: 5.5

Who doesn't love some Rick and Morty?  They present a unique type of humor but I find it as fascinating as I do hilarious and I know millions across the world agree with me.  When I first saw this game being released months ago I was pumped.  Then I saw the $30 price and was hesitant.  Then I saw the user reviews (poor tracking, short, not worth the money) and I was even more on the fence.  Well, now that I have finally got a chance to play the game there are a few bright spots, but two very discouraging specs.  

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This game is extremely plot driven which makes it relatively difficult to review without giving spoilers.  Essentially you are thrown into an episode of Rick and Morty as a Morty clone.  The game play consists of solving rather simple puzzles and interacting with many characters from the show.  You will be tested to solve problems, combine items and think about how to use Rick's gadgets to save yourself and your companions in a host of situations.  

One thing I was most worried about is that they would deviate from the show or the characters.  I am happy to report that this is far from the truth.  This game is the total embodiment of Rick and Morty.  Rick is as nasty, degrading, drunk and insulting as he is on the show.  And Morty (although he plays a backseat role in the game) is the same anxious, nervous annoying kid as in the show.  There are numerous cameos of characters from the show and the entire experience really is like an episode.  Anything can happen at any given time and the heartless nature of Rick is on full display as he is ruthlessly self centered.  Almost everything in the game is a direct reference to something in the show.  This is exactly what I wanted in this game and it delivers so well.  I absolutely love it and if you are a Rick and Morty fan you will love it too, 100% guaranteed.  

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As mentioned above, much of the game play is puzzles, but not like Statik, ESPER or Salary Man Escape.  For example, you need an antennae to put on a device so you either need to find one or use Rick's combination tool to take 2 different items and combine them to make an antennae.  Another example is that the toilet is clogged and you need to find a way to unclog it without using a plunger.  It is just funny scenarios the game puts you in that you really do need to think about to find the final solution.  

These puzzles are very very clever, but not difficult.  And even if you get stuck, you possess a watch that can connect to Rick or Morty at anytime and they tend to give you some pretty useful tips.  The game could be more difficult, but I'm glad it's not.  That isn't the purpose of this game, it's to put you inside Rick and Morty so you can feel what it is like to be used by Rick.  And they succeed with flying colors in this regard.  Again, I don't want to dive too deep into the plot or the puzzles because it will give some of the game away.  

Which leads me to my next point: the game is painfully short.  I would say 2 hours is about right and unless you really explore and really try to get the platinum there isn't much else here.  I loved all 2 hours of it don't get me wrong, but by the end of the game I was saying to myself "Wait! What? That's it? NO!".  Which on one hand is good because I wanted so much more, but bad because there isn't anymore and there never will be.  While we are at it, $30?  Yeah, that is a total joke.  Don't buy this game for $30.  $20?  Yeah probably worth it.  $10? Yeah, buy it now for sure.  But those two things are the biggest gripes and absolutely kill me.  Nothing here is "novel" or new so why are you charging so much?! Yeah I know licensing, but c'mon man that is ridiculous. I'm just glad I didn't pay full price or I would have been ticked. 

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Another issue with the game is that there is virtually no replay value.  Granted, after the game you can unlock new things, try to find Jerry, play some mini games to unlock the platinum trophy, find some hidden cassette tapes to play, etc.  But I mean that will take about 30 in to another hour if you don't get bored by then.  Any game that is so plot driven like this will have the same fate, but sad nonetheless.  

All in all, Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality is a hilarious celebration of the show and one that fans will thoroughly enjoy.  However, due to the price and short amount of game play, it just isn't a recommendation I can give unless it's on sale or you really are a die hard RM fan.  I hope one day you will get to experience it because I loved the experience and thought it was stunning, but the price and length are so hard to overcome.  Nonetheless, Wubba Lubba Dub Dub my friends, Wubba Lubba Dub Dub

PlayPSVR Score: 5.5/10