Crisis VRigade

Crisis VRigade is a first person shooter designed to place you immediately among hostile bank robbers whom you need to gun down to save yourself and the public.  This game is very fairly priced, offers extreme amounts of challenge and provides AIM support.  Although not the lengthiest or most unique title, Crisis VRigade succeeds with its fun game play, difficulty and awesome concept.  


Genre: First Person Shooter

Price: $5.99

Controller: Move Controllers or Aim Controller

Game Length: 1 hour+

PlayPSVR Score: 6

In countless numbers of TV shows, movies and other forms of entertainment is the stereotypical police and robber standoff.  Hoards of policemen stand outside warning the intruders that if they do not cooperate then drastic measures will be made.  I have always brushed off these scenarios, but I gotta say, playing this out in VR was a ton of fun.  

In an instant you are spawned behind a car in the front of the bank with enemies firing from all directions at you.  I mean they are in the windows, in a bus, by the doors, outside and projectiles are flying from every direction.  You must duck behind the car and take careful yet precise shots to eliminate the robbers one by one.  After moving into the building you are positioned behind a statue and have to take calculated risks on when to show yourself to shoot enemies while avoiding their fire as well.  The same applies as to the first stage.  Shots are fired from about 10 different enemies. 

At this point you get to choose your own path and which room you would rather go into.  I like this idea a lot because it adds replay value and naturally there will be some rooms you perform better in due to your fighting style.  This goes on for quite a while until you finally finish the level.  Overall, if you can beat it the game is actually rather really short.  But this doesn't come easy, it's definitely one of the more challenging games for the PSVR.  

This game utilizes both the motion controllers and the Aim controller.  Do you want to take a stab on which is better?  The Aim controller.  Without a doubt.  Surprised?  You shouldn't be.  With the motion controllers you have more buttons to push to reload and when you move around the play area and attempt to shoot enemies the tracking can be unstable.  This doesn't exist with the Aim controller.  One button reload, better tracking and simply more enjoyable game play make the Aim controller the best bet to not only fall in love with Crisis VRigade but also defeat it. 

The difficulty is intense, even on the rookie mode.  Granted, because of the short length, the difficulty keeps the player involved for a longer time  and makes the game worth even it's cheap price.  I do think that the game is a little too hard.  It would be nice to have a third mode, that is possible after only a few tries.  Depending on the skill level it will take probably an hour of practice to defeat rookie mode.  I haven't beaten Hell mode, it is borderline unfair.  The game is really fun and a wonderful concept, but it is difficult to enjoy it at times because you keep losing and having to play the same two levels over and over.  

The game isn't perfect either, as 85% of the game you are going to have to crouch or just simply sit on the floor to avoid enemy fire.  There are only 2 real levels where you can stand and survive.  As much as I love the immersion aspect, doing a wall sit or crouching on my hard wood floor gets old rather quickly.  Much of the time you can't even pop your head up to look at where enemies are because you will get instantly shot.  So you have to remember where they are from practice.  I just think it would be much more fun if it weren't for those things. 

Regardless, Crisis VRigade is a great experience limited only by its short length, difficulty and simplicity.  But for $6 you get your money's worth and it is a game you can show PSVR first timers and really exhibits why VR is so different than other gaming systems.  Don't hesitate on playing this fun little game and be sure to have it on speed dial when showing off your PSVR. 

PlayPSVR Score: 6