You are a test subject inside Chromatec, a company with the latest life-changing invention, the Chromagun.  This splatters objects and walls with red, blue or yellow paint.  As you maneuver between 55 different puzzles you will mix and match different colors to prevail and escape Chromatec before it's too late.  This 4 hour long puzzle game delivers with peaceful yet clever game play, smart puzzles and a totally novel idea for the PSVR. Chromagun is one of the premiere puzzle games for the PSVR and one that everyone should have on their list. 

Genre: Puzzle
Controller: Dual Shock or Aim
Length: 4.5 hours
Price: $19.99
PlayPSVR Score: 8.5

One intangible characteristic of games, especially PSVR games, that I most value is uniqueness and novel concepts.  Everyone knows that it is easy to crap out a first person shooter for the PSVR due to the obvious nature of virtual reality.  I would rather have an average yet unique game that is unlike any other than a good wave shooter.  Same thing for puzzle games.  How many bad puzzle games do we have for the PSVR?  A lot.  Too many.  But what happens when you take these two genres and mash them into a single game?  Chromagun.  And it's glorious. 

My favorite aspect is that it is a fun and unique idea that provides an experience that can't be replicated on the PSVR.  Yes, apparently it's like a game called Portal, but I haven't played it and it isn't available for the PSVR so in my mind it is still novel to the system.  When I started I didn't think that shooting paint on walls and robots would be fun.  Mixing the different colors as a key game play element simply didn't intrigue me.  But somehow Pixel Maniacs spun a web of fun that I simply couldn't get out of. 

The whole premise is that you are attempting to escape Chromatec, a company who developed the Chomagun, which splashes red, blue or yellow paint on robot droids or walls.  You can use the dual shock or Aim controller, and although both work well, the Aim controller is the way to go here.  When a painted wall and droid match in color they attract and the droid travels to the nearest wall.  In each level there are switches that must be activated before the exit appears.  Use your gun to attract the droids to the walls that contain a switch to activate the door and escape to the next puzzle.  It will be imperative that you can mix and match colors to create orange, purple, black and green and do so in an instant to avoid damage. Many puzzles also require quick reflexes and great timing on when to change the color of the droid to progress.


I'm somewhat at a loss of words because I know the concept doesn't sound incredibly fun but I just simply could not stop playing.  The game almost puts you in a trance because all the rooms are white padded rooms like you see in movies where they put the insane people.  The music is absolutely outstanding and really ties the experience together.  It is a very soft classy version of elevator music.  And again I know that doesn't sell it, but you have to trust me, it's awesome.  I beat the game in 2 sittings because after the first I couldn’t stop thinking about it and during the second sitting I was hooked, even through the wee hours of the night.

The puzzles are so so clever.  Utilizing the color pallet, electrical death traps, moving pieces and other elements truly mixes up the puzzles and are used to perfection.  I was really surprised to see the variety of puzzles in these 55 levels.  You would think that this idea wouldn't lend itself to a ton of diversity but the developers made it work and made every single level interesting and fun without the experience getting dull, boring or repetitive.  


The developers nailed the game difficulty too, as all of the puzzles take critical thinking skills, but none (other than 2) were extremely difficult.  It hit that sweet spot to where you were challenged all the time, but no time were you completely lost and frustrated.  Contrast this with games like 18 Floors which are near impossible and it makes you appreciate Chromagun even more.  Seriously, there wasn't a single puzzle that I thought was anything but fair and witty.  None of them were unfair, none were sneaky and none disappointed.  

Chromagun comes in at about 4.5 hours for completion, and that actually includes getting the platinum trophy.  For $20 that is some good value, but honestly what puts it over the top for isn't just that you get 4 hours of fun for $20, but the quality of game you get.  There are a lot of PSVR games out there with this same cost/payoff ratio, but most are average in quality.  Chromagun is not one of these.  So that is why I so passionately urge you to purchase the game.  It will have limited replay value because the puzzles wont be challenging anymore, but hey, I only had to play 2 levels over again to get the platinum, so if you hunting trophies, this is a great game for you.  

In conclusion, Chromagun for the PSVR is nothing short of amazing and delivers a unique and quality experience with intuitive yet unique puzzles, excellent music, wonderful atmosphere, good cost/quality/time ratio and simply an overall enjoyable time.  Even if you are not a puzzle fan or sick of puzzle games for the PSVR this is a title you should own.  

PlayPSVR Score: 8.5