Unravel a chilling, mysterious and addicting plot as you traverse a strange world you crash landed on.  Interact with odd creatures, deadly robots and overcome numerous obstacles as you fight your way to encounter an omnipotent being called Mother.  Eden Tomorrow mixes plot heavy game play with some rather ingenious scenes but unfortunately fails to deliver in many facets of the game. 

Genre: Plot based thriller
Controller: Dual Shock
Game Length: 4-5 Hours
Price: $19.99
PlayPSVR Score: 5

Eden Tomorrow is a story of good and bad.  The good is that the plot is pretty decent, the environments are awesome, the game exudes a dark feel and the atmosphere surrounding the game is fantastic.  The bad is that the game play is borderline unplayable because of the boredom.  I will diver further into these points, but after the demo I had high hopes for this game.  Unfortunately, between some aspects being well above the average PSVR game, others are way below average, leading to a very dull experience, although one with a ton of potential. 

I don't want to dive into the plot too much because of spoilers, but I will say at first I was disappointed because it reminded me a lot of Farpoint.  You crash land on a planet.  You are dazed and confused and have to piece together what happened, who you are and what you should do next.  Pretty standard stuff.  But later on in the plot its gets beefier and more intriguing.  I would say if Unearthing Mars 2, Farpoint and Apex Construct had mixed their plots up that is what you are going to get from Eden Tomorrow.  This is definitely one of the better aspects of the game. 

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The best component of Eden Tomorrow is the atmosphere that is created.  From the very start you are introduced to a world that puts you on edge as you are in constant danger and the farther you delve into the game the darker and more mysterious everything becomes.  This is done through the plot itself, the environments, the lighting, the way information is presented and the way the story unfolds.  It is one of the best plot based PSVR atmosphere's you will see in PSVR and puts to shame the atmosphere's created in Apex Construct, Torn, Blind, Unearthing Mars and other similar plot driven games.  

I was playing on the PS4 Pro and the graphics were wonderful.  Each area was very well detailed and look fantastic.  You can tell much detail went into the landscape and that helped really create a wonderful world to traverse and explore.  It also increases the immersion factor because you can get lost in the created worlds so easily based off how good they look. 

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The game play is quite disappointing on the other hand.  There is no combat whatsoever, just a series of different instructions to progress in the world.  The worst of it though is that if you played the demo you played the majority of the game play diversity.  You walk, run, slide down hills, walk across beams, travel across rocky ridges and put together simple puzzles. All this you could have seen on the demo.  Because it was a demo I was okay with it.  But to find out that you perform the same exact actions over and over and over as the game progresses with no difference, that is poor.  So you will walk across several beams, you will put together the same simplistic puzzles over and over, you will walk across similar rock ledges.  This is what they do to mix up "game play" so you aren't just walking the entire time.  There is no diversity, it isn't fun and it seems like a really cheap way to mix things up.  

It isn't all bad though, because one thing that I really enjoy is that you have a little robot friend assisting you.  At certain places you can switch to control the robot who has certain abilities and can travel farther and go places the human can't.  I really like this idea and playing as Newton (the robot) is really fun.  
Now for the thing that might be the nail in the coffin for this game.  The stupid scavenger hunts.  Countless times in the game you are stopped to find different items to progress.  You have to find energy cores to charge up Newton's shock wave (you do this same exact thing like at least 5 times in the game).  You have to walk around and find water before you dehydrate.  You have to find range extenders.  You have to find different metal pieces to help make noise.  You have to find clues for a certain area.  The plot and entire game freezes until you aimlessly wander around to find this items.  It is annoying, boring, repetitive and absolutely ruins the game.  Games like Special Delivery suck.  But at least there is some action behind their suckiness.  This game is just unbearable because it is so boring and chooses the absolute worst ways to provide diversity in game play.  Seriously, this is horrible and I hated every stupid little scavenger hunt they made me do.  

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Other than the game play, I can't point to anything Eden Tomorrow is lacking.  The graphics look great, the plot is good.  There were some moments that were just simply awesome in VR.  I can't point to anything that is horrible.  But the game simply isn't fun.  I can honestly say I never had "fun" at any point in the game.  Because there is no combat you don't get the adrenaline rush of almost dying or fighting for your life.  The game play is repetitive, but even if you ignore that it isn't fun.  It's just a way to break up the monotony of having to get from point A to point B. Because the game isn't fun is where it loses its most ground with me.   

The length of the game is around 4-5 hours which for a $20 game isn't bad at all.  However, I promise that by the end of that 4-5 hours you will be ready to be finished.  There isn't a platinum sadly and once you know the plot the replay value goes down the drain.  There are 3 save files but you will only want to play it once, but if you have spouse, friends or others who are sharing the PSVR then this might come in handy.  

In conclusion, Eden Tomorrow is a game with so much potential but was squandered away due to poor game play, lack of diversity and an overall lack of fun factor.  There are some bright spots in this game such as the incredible landscapes, the dark atmosphere and the relationship between Newton and his creator.  But overall I just can't suggest this game unless you are really into plot driven games and have already played the majority of the PSVR titles out there and are looking for something to take up some time. 

PlayPSVR Score: 5