2MD VR Football

2MD VR Football is a first person sports simulator that puts you in the mindset of a quarterback whose team is down heading into the final 2 minutes of the game.  Compete against a multitude of teams, create your own plays and become the play maker that brings the trophy home in PSVR's only first person football game to date.  

Quick Facts
Genre: First Person Sports Simulator
Price: $12.99
Game Length: N/A
Controller: 2 Move Controllers
PlayPSVR Score: 7

The PSVR library is starting to create a nice little sports category with games such as Knockout League, Sprint Vector, Headmaster, VRFC, NBA 2K17, etc. but 2MD VR Football is the first of America's favorite sport.  I too am a total football homer, love it, live it and am borderline obsessed.  So when this game was released I couldn't wait, but there are some understandable limitations.  Regardless, I was pleasantly surprised with the fun, fast action game play that provided me with hours of fun.  

The first thing to mention right off the bat is that 2MD VR Football isn't a game like Madden.  It isn't a realistic detailed football simulator that focuses on multiple players, diverse defensive schemes or multiplayer game play.  Rather, it focuses on one specific aspect of a football game, the 2 minute drill.  You only play as the quarterback and although you can create different routes for your receivers, you can't play as the running back, can't control the receivers and play no defense.  So if you are looking for expansive campaigns, detailed game play and a highly strategic experience, this isn't the VR game for you.  But for everyone else this game can be a real jewel.  

As mentioned above, you play as the quarterback of a team who is down by one or two touchdowns with only 2 minutes to go in the game.  It is up to you to drive your team down the field and into victory.  The game is simple as that, but it works so well and is a total blast.  As you march down the field you have to think quickly and make accurate passes.  The game is over once two minutes pass by.  With each failed first down or interception you lose time.  There are multiple rounds for each different team and difficulty increases as you continue playing. 

The game play is a ton of fun and really keeps you on your toes.  You have to make good decisions on what receivers to throw to and make accurate passes, otherwise interceptions will kill you.  Although it is the same exact scenario over and over, coverages are different, you can create your own routes and each round presents a different challenge.  The game isn't too difficult and is downright forgiving at times even when you make a bad throw.  This makes the game so much fun because on multiple occasions I have had less than 10 seconds left and thrown successful hailmarys that led to game winning touchdowns. 

Another important aspect of the game is that with each round you earn points and when finished you get a bonus round where you can throw footballs into rings.  There is a worldwide leaderboard where you can see how you rank versus all other players.  This changes things up a bit and is a good way to really rack up the points.  It also is just fun to crush the bonus game and get a good feel of how to throw the ball.  This can be skipped every round, but if you want to rank highly on the leaderboard you better take advantage of the bonus stages. 

A huge thing I want to elaborate on is the tracking.  2MD VR Football has the best tracking of any PSVR game that I have seen that uses the motion controllers.  When I found out you used the motion controllers I was terrified this game would be ruined by the controls.  However, the controls absolutely make the game.  When you make a throwing motion with the move controllers the football's trajectory follows exactly how it would in real life.  It is intuitive and works consistently and feels so right.  It is hard to describe, but seriously, the tracking and controls work so perfectly that it is an utter joy playing the game.  It is as though I feel I am really throwing a football.  I have yet to feel as though I threw an interception or made an error due to faulty tracking.  I cannot say this for any other PSVR game.  

It is hard for me to be objective for this game because I really have been waiting for a football game for a while and I love the sport so much that I could easily overlook some large problems.  However, the only real thing that could be concerning for an average gamer who may not be a huge sports fan is that the game play really is repetitive.  After playing 10 two minute drills, it may seem redundant and ultimately lack enough variety to be a mainstay PSVR game.  Also, the fact the game is cartoon like and utilizes characters that are not real people may disinterest more serious gamers.  Personally, I would rate this game as a 8.5, but as an objective reviewer I am trying to rate it fairly, because of the lack of variety and being so football-centric, I give it a 7.  If you are a sports person or love football, just be prepared to like this game much more than a game rated a 7 though.  

A couple other big things this game provides is 1) good value and 2) a unique experience for first time PSVR users.  At $12.99 this game is a good value because it will certainly give you hours of fun game play and has replay value to the extent that after weeks of not playing it, you can boot it up and play a good 30 minutes, get your football fix in and then move one.  But it is a great game to boot up and play.  This also makes it very easy for first time PSVR users to play because it won't make you ill, is very unique and simply really fun.  

2MD VR Football is the most fun PSVR sports game to date with excellent controls, unique immersive game play and very good value.  It is a welcomed addition to the PSVR sports category and certainly one of the more enjoyable sports titles to date.  All other developing studios should somehow learn from 2MD VR Football because the tracking is spot on and very few other PSVR games made me feel as good as when I chucked a 60 yard pass for a touchdown.  If you are a sports fan I strongly encourage you to loosen up those arms and get in the game!


PlayPSVR Score: 7/10