CoolPaintr VR Review

Coolpaintr VR revolutionizes artistic expression in PSVR by providing players with a 3D space that allows you to walk around your creations.  Multiple brushes, colors, effects and tools are available for artists to create a multitude of art.  Each artwork can be exported via an intuitive interface to easily share with others.  The only thing that limits you is truly your own creativity. 

Quick Facts
Genre: 3D Art Platform
Price: $19.99 
Game Length: N/A
Controller: 1 Move Controllers 
PlayPSVR Score: 6.5

I have always enjoyed art because it gives someone a creative outlet to just express themselves in a very uninhibited way.  Although I am not the stereotypical "artsy" type, I really enjoy seeing art and dabble in basic arts like acrylic painting, drawing, wood working and similar hands on styles.  So I was very excited for Coolpantr VR to come out because I knew that we were going to see some absolutely insane pieces of art and I couldn't wait to draw and sculpt in VR. 

The idea is novel and very enjoyable in the PSVR platform.  You can create whatever you want and then actually walk around it! It is much easier to add finishing touches this way and to actually see your creation for all it is worth.  It is unlike anything you have experienced before because obviously you can't do this in 2D and although you can do the same in real life, you avoid the mess by doing it in VR.  It is absolute blast and really helps to give your creations some depth.  

Another thing that the 3D space adds to is the difficulty.  I never considered how hard it would be to make art in 3D.  As an example of this, I asked on reddit for some ideas to make in Coolpantr VR.  I got a ton of different answers (some of you are some creative and weird people) but the one I decided to try first was simply the Farpoint logo.  I mean, c'mon, a red triangle made up of 5 different triangles.  How hard could that be?  Well, it turns out very hard.  I was unable to do it and couldn't even create something that looks good enough that I wasn't embarrassed to display.  It is hard to make exact and precise shapes with the pen tool and because each stroke has depth, you have to worry about how far you are extending your arm when making each stroke too.  You will immediately see how hard it is once you try it. 

For this reason I think it is easier to create abstract pieces of art, not geometric ones.  This is what makes this game hard to grade and difficult to tell others whether to purchase or not.  It is solely based on your ability or how much time you are willing to put into practicing.  If you want a Mario Paint type of game then this isn't it and you are going to have a rude awakening very quickly. 

You use only one move controller that acts as your brush and artwork mover (via a claw that can move your art any direction you choose).  This tool has a ton of useful modes that alter paint brushes, color, zooms in and out, adds effects, creates various shapes, erases, etc. It is a very user friendly interface that is simple to use and quite efficient.  One complaint I have is that I feel that there is a decent amount of tools and variety, but there could be more.  For example, why isn't there an option where I can just add simple shapes to my design.  Having a feature that creates a triangle for me would be awesome, so I can put the triangle wherever I want.  Thankfully, for things like this it can always be added later on.  So there is still hope for tools that aren't available now. 

Another great feature about the game is that there is essentially unlimited replay value.  It is all about how long you stay interested and how much you enjoy the experience.  Very few PSVR experiences can say this, but Coolpaintr VR is certainly one of them.  So if you love art and could see yourself playing hours and hours on this, then the $20 is the best value you are going to find on the system.  On the other hand, if you don't quite vibe with it and don't find it very entertaining, then you are going to find that the price isn't worth it.  But I suppose you can say that for every game.  

Two features I want to mention that I thought were really neat was the inclusion of spotify playlists and exporting your work.  So you can listen to your own music by importing a spotify playlist.  This is really helpful, because you can blare some Enya and just get on your creative side.  Or, you can work in silence, whichever suits you best.  The game also gives you multiple ways to export your work such as saving it to your capture gallery, putting it on a USB drive, saving it to your PS4, putting it on twitter, etc.  This was an essential feature because who is going to want to put all this time on a piece of work, then not show people?  But it was really nice to see them nail this one regardless.  

Overall, I want to say this game is very very well developed.  I ran into no problems whatsoever in my time playing it.  There are no glitches, tracking works well, no oversights, and no bugs.  I was very impressed by this and was glad to see that the meticulous care that went into each detail.  

I know this is going to be somewhat controversial, as it should be, I admit, but my biggest complaint is the difficulty of actually creating pieces of art.  This is problematic because I feel that it is such talent-dependent.  If you have an affinity for art and you are just naturally an artist this may seem like a ridiculous claim.  However, I have spent hours trying to create somewhat simple and complicated designs, only to see that they are just not that good.  I mentioned above that I couldn't make a Farpoint logo, I tried making Inspector Gadget surfing on a wave of marijuana to no avail as well, and several other things that just couldn't be done.  There isn't enough detail in the brush to do such fine details.  

When something is difficult to do and the rewards don't look good then it is hard to keep motivation to play it.  Now I have already seen things on reddit that look absolutely amazing, so awesome things can be done with Coolpantr VR.  However, I would say that the average PSVR gamer probably isn't skilled in art, hence, would find this game to be difficult in terms of creating art.  It is hard to explain, but you just have to try it to understand why it is so hard to do simple things.  This is really its only weakness, sadly, the entire game is making art, hence, the entire game is very very difficult.  It is so hard in fact that I honestly don't enjoy playing it personally.  I have to try too hard for such a small small reward.  If I spend 2 hours to create a Morty head and it looks good, okay I post it on reddit, get some upvotes and hooray! But that's it.  For me personally, it isn't worth it.  For some it certainly will be and I can't knock the game itself, I suppose rather the concept.  All this to say that if you are considering Coolpaintr VR you are either going to have to be gifted as a artist or willing to put in the hours.  If you are okay with that, buy it and your won't be disappointed.  Otherwise, I would steer clear. 

If you are willing to put in the time to practice then Coolpaintr VR is the best of its kind on the PSVR and should be your go-to game. Coolpaintr VR is a wonderfully developed PSVR game but should only be on the radar for those who are gifted artists or those who are willing to put in time to practice.  This isn't a game where you just pick up and play and start making beautiful art.  But that isn't how art is in general either, so that is okay.  However, players need to know this and decide to buy accordingly.  


PlayPSVR Score: 6.5