Dark Legion Review

Dark Legion presents a first person shooter with an impressive load out of weapons, array of enemy types and fun game play.  As a space officer, your ship crashes, leaving you to your own wits and skills to defeat the dark legion and find your way home back to Earth.  With an exceptional price point, great graphics and fun game play elements, Dark Legion should be on your PSVR radar. 

Quick Notes
Genre: First Person Shooter
Length: ~12 hours (according to developers)
Controllers: Dual Shock or Move Controllers
Price: $9.99
PlayPSVR Score: 7

I've gotta be perfectly honest here, I didn't expect much at all from Dark Legion.  The first Gamepoch game that I had discussed in detail with my PlayPSVR partner was Ranch Planet.  You can read our review on that game, but the plain and simple version is that it was bad.  Really bad.  And that was a $14.99 game.  So a $9.99 game?  I expected it to be absolutely horrible.  However, I am happy to say that I was wrong!!

The first thing you will notice other than your shipmates buttcheeks (because she is very very scantily clothed) is that there is a ton of weapons to choose from.  You have snipers, handguns, detonators, bombs, crossbows, machine guns, etc. They are all easy to use and fairly intuitive.  When using the move controllers it is a little confusing how they used all the buttons.  Like you can reach to your waist and use O to choose crossbow, or the motion button to switch guns, square and triangle rotate you, snap turning, yes I know:(, etc.  But you get used to it fairly quickly. 

You have a little robot friend once you get into the planet that you are stranded on and he directs you exactly where to go.  He shows you crates full of ammo, health, etc.  and can help with giving you door codes and hints too.  He is pretty nifty and I like him.  This game to me is a cross between DOOM VFR and Farpoint, just far less polished than those games.  You have to go one direction essentially, but you have the feeling that you could go off the beaten path and explore.  I like this freedom, but I also like that there is a little dude to tell you where exactly to go so you don't waste your time walking around aimlessly and lost.  

The enemies all look good and I was surprised to see so many different ones.  Obviously some are recycled quite a bit, but that is expected.  We have spiders, giant bugs, flying insects, various sets of soldiers, etc.  All rather standard, but still welcomed.  One thing I find hilarious (whether a glitch or not I don't know) is that some enemies when you kill them they fly like 20 feet into the air and their limbs go completely limp, so their neck is just flying around like they are stuck outside an airplane window.  It's hilarious. 

The world that you explore is also very well made.  The graphics are very very good (I am using the PS4 Pro) and when you look into the night sky the site is breathtaking.  The purples and greens of the faraway galaxies just lend itself into a beautiful landscape.  I was taken back by the attention to detail and overall how the world looked.  I was very impressed here, but maybe because I expected so little.  Seriously, I did not expect to play a miniature version of Farpoint here, but it very much was like that.  

Shooting enemies is satisfying and with such a large assortment of weapons it keeps it fresh and entertaining.  Once you meet the foot soldiers they will shoot back at you and their bullets move slower than real life, so you have time to dodge them.  Prior to this I had been sitting down for the game, but you are gonna want to stand up and be sure you have room for movement here.  Being able to dodge bullets while firing off your own is awesome.  It is another aspect of game play that I did not expect to see here so was pleasantly surprised when I saw it.  

The difficulty seems very appropriate.  There are different difficulty settings, I first played on normal and found it to be easy, but not so easy you could just cruise through it.  There were tons of health pick ups and the enemies I found to be very predictable so it was easier to navigate my way through the game.  I couldn't imagine doing anything easier than normal, so if I were you I would start there or even at Hard mode.  

Although I am surprised with the quality of Dark Legion there are a few issues.  The first overarching complaint is that the game simply isn't as polished as we are used to in a majority of PSVR games.  I hit a spot where the game crashed a few times, things people say don't match up with the voice acting, the scope on the sniper rifle doesn't work (it freezes so it doesn't automatically update to what you are seeing, essentially making it useless), etc. However, none of these things are actually game breaking surprisingly.  The plot is pretty basic and the game is pretty darn linear so there will be no surprise turns, no suspense/anticipation, etc.  

With its likeness to Farpoint, Dark Legion is a nice addition to the first person shooter genre for the PSVR.  So many FPS just have you statically sitting there shooting, but because Dark Legion has some motion and exploration elements I rate it higher than all those other FPS games.  Although not on the level of DOOM, Farpoint, RE7, Dark Legion is still surprisingly fun due to the beautiful skies, game play elements and all the weapons.  And at $10 it is hard to beat that.  If you have a little first person shooter itch, then definitely pull the trigger on this low-cost PSVR gem. 

PlayPSVR Score: 7