Detached is a space exploration game that requires strategic play to progress through the game and through space.  While accomplishing a multitude of tasks you must monitor oxygen and fuel levels closely.  With a stunningly beautiful first person campaign and a multiplayer mode, Detached provides ample value and a one of a kind experience on the PSVR. 

Quick Notes

Genre: Space Exploration

Controller: Dual Shock


Game Length: 3 hours

PlayPSVR Score: 6.5

A space exploration game has obvious benefits in PSVR, as the environments, the vastness of space and overall revelation of how small we truly are will really translate into virtual reality.  I was so excited when Detached came out because it harnessed what it is like to be in space along with the eerie nature of nothingness.  Detached delivers wonderfully on some of my expectations, but surprisingly fails in a couple more.  

There is a small plot associated with this game, told via comic style cut scenes.  I found this style odd, but nothing I am too upset with.  Without spoiling anything, you are outside the space craft, doing some work, you find that it is undone (mysteriously I might add) and now you have to head out and explore.  It's nice that there is some plot, although simple rather than just shooting you out into space with no real reasoning behind it.  The plot also gives and reveals things that are a little unsettling and add a sense of terror and anticipation to the game too. 

The controls are a huge factor of how much you will enjoy the game.  There are 3 difficulties, but really these are just different locomotion options ranging from slow but easy to grasp to nearly impossible.  This is where I say that if you get motion sick, you are gonna want to pass on Detached.  I have never ever gotten sick from any type of motion sickness and about 35 minutes of straight play got me a little loopy.  However, it is really fun, don't get me wrong.  It really is like you are in zero gravity.  Every movement is very slow and everything has to be calculated ottherwise you will waste a ton of time.  

This is both a blessing and a curse.  One one hand, yeah I want a realistic exploration simulator and it is awesome that if I had to guess what it is like in space this is it  On the other hand, to do anything (and I mean anything) this is a constant battle you will have to deal with.  Even just moving across the room or floating in space having to move out of an asteroids path takes mental energy.  I have never seen a game where I had to try so hard to move.  It isn't for everyone certainly, but I see the value in it. 

So with a subtitle of "space exploration game" you could probably guess that the game is all about exploring.  You will float through space, investigate various shuttles, solve simple puzzles and just enjoy space.  That is if you don't suffocate or run out of fuel.  This is another constant battle that you will face.  Your fuel and oxygen deplete every second so you have to be sure to keep your eyes peeled for reserves otherwise you will die from either ailment.  Thankfully they are fairly generous with the resources, so it's not like you are constantly terrified and on high alert for that next fuel tank.  It's spread out well enough where you can enjoy the game without constantly worrying about it.  

The game itself is very beautiful.  The game area is outstanding and really encompasses the beauty of space while preserving the nothingness that I feel space would provide.  The planets, asteroids, etc are very detailed and simply wonderfully designed.  The graphics are great and this enhances the play of the game and motivates you to get out there and explore.  This is my favorite aspect of the game because many times I just floated in space and observed.  It was insane yet terrifying just being there all by myself and essentially floating to my death.  I have to give them big time credit for the atmosphere they created here. 

So I have had nothing but good things to say thus far.  However, we have one huge problem and one minor inconvenience to talk about.  The inconvenience is that there are a lot of load screens. I find this odd.  I know games like Resident Evil 7 and Skyrim also had tons of load screens but they were much longer games.  But those are the only VR games with that many load screens that I can think of.  The good thing is that the load screens in Detached don't last long.  Just something I noticed and like I said, it isn't a deal breaker but a minor inconvenience. 

Now for the big boy.  I find the game extremely boring.  I mean boring to tears.  The first time I played at the 40 minute mark I had to stop.  I mean I pushed myself to play that long.  I know it is exploration, but there is no real direction on what to do or where to go and there is no one to kill.  Nothing really to do other push various panels.  And to travel it takes a freaking eternity because you are in space.  Seriously, I think this very well might be the most boring PSVR game I have ever played.  For me, it makes it almost unplayable.  I keep stressing for me and personally, because this is all personal preference.  Granted, it does get more action later in the game, but it just doesn't translate for a lover of action like myself. 

I feel that replay value here is also relatively low.  It is a beautiful game to show friends and newcomers to PSVR, that is, if they don't barf all over the place.  Once finished, there isn't really a reason to play the game again other than to do multiplayer or just witness the beauty of space again. 

Finally, I want to discuss multiplayer.  When I saw there was PvP multiplayer, I was stoked, because I didn't think it was that type of game.  Well, I was right.  It's not PvP in the sense you face off against your opponent in an open environment.  Rather, you race each other or play a version of capture the flag.  This was very disappointing to me and honestly isn't fun at all.  The multiplayer adds virtually nothing to the game in my opinion.  

Detached is a beautiful, elegant and trans-formative exploration of space but lacks diverse and exciting game play that many fans are looking for.  The exploration aspect was handled very well and for some this game will become a cult classic.  However, for the thrill seeker this game falls flat with little action and rather boring game play.  The enjoyment aspect of the game certainly will depend on the individual player and what you are looking for.  For me, it was nothing but disappointing. 


PlayPSVR Score: 6.5