Drunkn Bar Fight

If you have always been too big of a weenie to stand up to the people you hate don't fear, Drunkn Bar Fight is here!  You walk from bar to bar, give people the bird and start fights.  With a slew of weapons and a bunch of people just standing around asking to get a right hook to the face, this game will provide a ton of entertainment with the right mindset and expectations.  After each bar visit you encounter one more person you have to fight.  The game certainly has it's limitations but overall is the funniest PSVR game on the market. 


Quick Facts

Game Style: First Person Fighter
Controller: Move Controllers
Length: Based off human experience and enjoyment (~50 minutes to finish all 3 bars)
Price: $11.99

Before I get absolutely ripped apart for giving this game a decent score I need to clarify something.  And I think this goes for every person who plays this game.  Drunkn Bar Fight isn't intended for a serious gamer looking for a legit fighting game.  It doesn't have the bells and whistles like Farpoint or Doom VFR.  Don't treat the game like it is supposed to be one of those top notch showcase PSVR titles because it isn't.  

It always bothers me when people say "This game is a disgrace because it's faulty, graphics sucks and looks like it's only halfway through development.  Compared to RE7 this is abominable trash". This game isn't made to be compared to RE7 or Skyrim.  It is designed to be funny and provide entertainment and that is exactly what Drunkn Bar Fight does. 

You show up to a random bar and just begin beating the crap out of people.  Boom. That's it.  After each round one more person joins the bar and you have to fight two rather than one person.  Then three. Then four.  And eventually you beat the living pulp out of every person in the bar until it has to be closed down.  Then you walk to another bar and repeat.  

I love the fact that you actually have to walk to the other bars.  It gives you the sense that you really are in the city one Friday night and you are just walking around causing raucous.  Except that there are no people on the streets.  That is weird, but whatever.  

Another fun aspect of the game is that in each bar there are different weapons that you can use at your disposal to demolish people.  The cowboy bar has boots and guitars, the stereotypical bar has beer bottles and a candy machine, the fancy high rise bar has lobster artwork and a baseball bat.  If you are sick of dropping the hammer on these fools, then go to the back and start chucking some darts into people's eyes.  The possibilities for reigning havoc are endless.  

Now I do have to focus on some of the more challenging and broken pieces of the game.  First, you cannot turn.  You move by looking at a point in the room then walking forward.  It is a bad control, nothing more to say.  But the developers have promised to fix this so I won't discuss this much further.  The bigger problem for me was the fact that at times I couldn't move at all.  I couldn't move forward or backward.  I was just stuck until at seemingly random moments I could start moving again.  I don't understand that and it is very annoying because I am just rocking this dude, then I stop dead in my tracks and can't move.  

This is the point of the review where I am going to start losing people and making people upset.  Part of the reason I like this game so much is because it is so freaking ridiculous and broken that it wins my heart over.  So here is my rant on things that are just simply broken or messed up in the game:

Your arms are that of a 8 year old boy.  They look weird and skinny and super wobbly.  Pretty sad, but I think this was meant as a joke.  As you are reigning blows upon your enemies sometimes they just go right through you.  I tried picking up a stool once and it got stuck in my leg and I couldn't get it out of my leg.  Whatever.  I pummeled a guy into submission and tossed his weak defenseless body over the edge of the rooftop and he spawned in the elevator immediately after.  When you punch a person they wobble to the ground like they are a weeble wobble on acid.  Not in the good way.  If you punch a person square in the temple of the head unexpectedly, that is a KO shot.  You can do it here and they get up without a scratch.  The enemies look pretty darn weird.  Some look good, but other's have their proportions all wrong and are just messed up looking.  When beating someone up you can grab them and thrown them around you like they are an air balloon.  You can just toss them wherever you want and even use one person as a weapon against another by grabbing their face and just flailing your arms around.  

I could go on.  Some of these things are good and some are bad.  But honestly I think they are on purpose.  I have yet to encounter a game-ending glitch.  So I don't think they are glitches at all.  This game reminds me of goat simulator.  Everyone flipped out over goat simulator because it was just absolutely crazy and didn't adhere to real life whatsoever and was glitchy and weird.  Well so is Drunkn Bar Fight.  Just with no goats.  It is in this way that I love this game and think it is great.  

Drunkn Bar Fight is easily the most humorous of all the PSVR games to date.  I have never actually laughed in a VR game, but go watch our streams.  I am laughing my butt off because this stuff is so nuts.  This type of game is going to be an absolute killer at parties.  People love this game because it is simply bonkers, unrealistic and a boatload of fun.  

One true fault I have with this game is the interest level for single player action.  Honestly, after about 30 minutes, I am tired of playing.  It is just beating people up and after the initial fun, the game gets repetitive.  Granted, the next day I am ready for another 15 min of beatdown but this certainly isn't a game you are going to want to play more than 30 min at a time.  That really limits its replay value and overall enjoyment. But the devs could keep adding new bars and people to keep our interest level up.  

Overall, I honestly think Drunkn Bar Fight is the funniest PSVR game on the market.  It isn't going to be a showcase game for the PSVR, but rather a cult classic that people are either going to hate or adore.  I, personally, am closer to adoring it than hating it.  I love the fun and ridiculous manner in which it was developed.  I love the concept and funny "glitches".  This will be a game that I will often turn on for parties and friends when they come over.  And at $11.99 I think it is very fairly priced and you more in likely will easily make it worth the purchase.  The only advice I have is before you buy remember to check your expectations and simply allow yourself to have fun.  Don't focus on the graphics, faults or broken physics because Drunkn Bar Fight is truly a fun game. 

score: 6.5/10