Floor Plan Review

Floor Plan is a fun little PSVR game that is similar to escape room games, but instead you are attempting to collect articles of clothing for a dummy.  Although it sounds like an odd concept, the game boasts fun cartoonish graphics, mind evoking game play and a very user-friendly price.  As you travel from floor to floor on an elevator you will need to interact with objects to cause chain reactions to unlock more clues and obtain items to progress toward your goal.  

Quick Facts

Game Style: First Person Escape Room Style
Price: $5.99
Game Length: ~1 hours
Controller: Dual Shock or Motion Controllers
PlayPSVR Score: 8

When I first heard the concept of Floor Plan I was confused and very skeptical of it's novelty in PSVR.  If I am in virtual reality I want to get out of the elevator, not be confined by it.  It seemed like a where's waldo game with elevator music.  Although this may be somewhat true, I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed the game and how much it actually made me think.  

The idea of Floor Plan is to travel between the 12 floors (all with its own unique theme) and interact with plants, graves, bowling pins, pigs, robots, etc. to find clues and obtain items that will help you unlock new features in previous rooms.  It is a simple concept and very reminiscent of escape room games.  In these, you may have to look under the sofa to find a screw driver that you can use to pry open a canister that holds a code so you can unlock a combination lock that gives you yet another clue.  Each thing builds on itself until you escape the room.  This is similar to Floor Plan but you are attempting to find boots, shirt and helmet for a dummy.  Weird I know, but you gotta dress you dummy man. 

I suggest using the dual shock controller, although you can also use the motion controllers.  Your head simply moves a white dot that then lights up yellow if you are able to interact with objects in each room by pressing X.  The controls are simple and precise and work very well.  The game looks pretty good, although the cartoon-like characters aren't going to blow you away.  And they weren't meant to impress you graphically, so that works for me.  

The one thing I really enjoyed about this game was how challenging it was.  Right off the bat things start making sense and you connect the pieces of the puzzle together.  I am going to avoid discussing any specifics because I don't want to give away any spoilers.  But you collect one item that is pretty obviously needed for a previous room, then you collect something else that is needed for another room. You get the idea here.  Although some intervals of the game were very straightforward and easy, I was stumped on three occasions where I remember that I was clueless on what to do.  

Initially, you think the game is too easy, but it is still fun to travel between floors and put these pieces of the puzzle together and advance.  However, the times in which you are stumped can drive you nuts.  You go to every floor, look at everything in each room, can't figure it out, then do it again and again.  There is a button that allows you to ask for a hint, but the hints aren't too useful.  If you are literally clueless then maybe it would help.  But for me the hint was something like "You need to find another item and use it to get the water from the basement".  Which one, I didn't have any item at the time, so duh.  And two, I knew that is what I needed to do but I couldn't find anything that held water to achieve this.  Either way, the challenge was welcomed and I can honestly say that I never got angry or super irritated.  It's a good mix of easy and difficult game play. 

The only real negative of this game is that the replay value takes a big hit because once you know how to solve the clues, then it won't be fun playing it again.  This type of game lends itself to DLC's or new content which I hope will eventually come.  Even if it doesn't I think Floor Plan is a fun game that is worth your time and money.  It also isn't a game that you would showcase for your PSVR, unless your friends really like puzzle games.  But again, this game wasn't meant to provide hours and hours of game play and be a centerpiece in the PSVR library.  

Due to the nature of these types of games and your ability to critically think, Floor Plan's length will vary.  It took me like an hour to finish it and that was with three times getting stuck.  I was also streaming gameplay too, so maybe that made it take a bit longer.  Several times I thought I was going to be done until I saw another obstacle or another room pop up.  Honestly, I know 1 hour isn't a lot, but for $5.99 that really isn't bad (and even less when it's on sale for PSPlus members).  If you like these types of games then the $6 is well worth it.  

Ultimately, Floor Plan is a really fun escape room styled game that excels in amusing game play, thought evoking puzzles and overall is just a good time in PSVR.  It is a very welcomed addition to the PSVR library and one I am very glad I got to play.  If you like puzzle games, escape rooms or just want to experience something a little different, then Floor Plan is a cheap option and one well worth your time. 

Playpsvr score: 8