Honor and Duty: Arcade Edition

Honor and Duty is a new PSVR first person shooter with single/multiplayer campaigns, Aim Controller support and a nice value for your money.  The game’s single player mode allows players to fight a seemingly endless barrage of enemies to delve toward an enemy base or allows the player to defend their own base while the opposing army aims to destroy your base.  A multiplayer mode is also present that allows you to face off against people around the world in a fast action yet simple gameplay.  


Quick Facts

Game Style: First Person Shooter

Conroller: Aim controller or Dual Shock

Price: $6.99

PlayPSVR Score: 7


As a PSVR owner who is quite selective on which games to play I focus on 3 main criteria: Quality, Replayability and Value.  Honor and Duty Arcade Edition has middle of the pack quality, lacks in replayability but excels in value.  It is hard to find much a game or experience for $6.99 on the PS Store (unless there are sales).  A quick Google search will show you very poor sentiments on this game, but almost all of these opinions are based off a PS4 only playing system.  The opinions between PSVR and PS4 owners should be different because they are such different platforms.  As a PS4 game, Honor and Duty is probably bottom of the barrel stuff.  But if you own a PSVR, you definitely need to check it out.  

As I mentioned above the quality is middle of the pack.  Graphics are nice enough, nothing great by any stretch, but I have seen worse for sure.  And when you are in the middle of a battle and racing up the ravine to attack the enemy base you won’t be focused on the graphics.  I mean, the game clearly says: Arcade Edition.  You shouldn’t expect much in terms of realistic graphics.  

As you would expect in a first person shooter, you play as a soldier whose duty is to face the enemy army and eliminate as many of the troops as possible.  The first part of the game is one long run separated by different “stages”.  Each stage has a different combination of enemies, slightly different landscape and different amounts of enemies needed to be killed before moving on.  At the beginning of each stage you received additional weapons and ammo and a new set of allies to help you fight.  You are given 3 lives, but have the ability to earn more throughout the game.   Then after defeating the enemy base you are abruptly placed in a completely different environment and asked to protect your base from enemy attacks.  This is the harder of the two single person campaign segments because enemies can come from all directions, you have no allies and although you can purchase ammo at any point in the game, it is harder to find and tends to be the limited factor in how well you can do.  After each “stage” or barrage of enemy attacks you can build new reinforcements that increase firepower, weapons, health regeneration, etc.  This continues on and on.  I have yet to see any type of end to this single player campaign, so either I am not good enough to make it all the way through or it goes on and on until you lose.

The game also has multiplayer capability where you can join games where you face off against other players around the world.  There is no communication between players, so really strategizing is nearly impossible.  But essentially you are put on one of two teams and go out to kill opposing team members.  It is very simple gameplay and there really isn’t too much to mention, but it works well and really increases the value of the game.  If Honor and Duty only provided the single player campaign the game would suffer incredibly, so the multiplayer puts it over the top in terms of whether to purchase the game or not.  

The gameplay is very simple, but suffices for the cheap price.  There is no plot, no background, nothing like that.  You are just plopped in the middle of the battlefield, given a few instructions and off you go.  The gameplay is borderline too simple, but again, that price tag makes me give it a passing grade.  As you increase in rank by killing more enemies you unlock new classes to play as, new weapons and gain cash to buy new guns and ammo.  This and the multiplayer are the only real reasons to come back to the game and replay it.  

There are certainly things that could be fixed in the game, but there are two that I think could really help the game that are relatively fixable.  First, multiplayer needs to have the capability to talk with other players.  I was really excited to try the multiplayer component because in my mind we could strategically plan an attack and execute it to our enemie’s demise.  So I was really bummed to see that there is no way to talk to each other.  It turns this multiplayer essentially into a game where everyone is running around aimlessly and disregarding any teamwork whatsoever.  Another thing that could be fixed is the unlocking of the different classes and weapons.  After playing for just about 45 minutes I had already increased in rank enough to unlock all classes and unlock a very large portion of the weapons.  So by making this more difficult it would have really increased the replay value.  

One thing I have to comment upon is my favorite part of the game: AIM SUPPORT! Holy crap guys I love this thing.  The Aim controller is so fun, feels so right and single handedly turned this game from a dud to a bonafide worthy of a purchase game.  Tracking works great, increases the immersion aspect of the game because the soldier is actually holding a gun like you would the aim controller, and makes shooting the enemies a total blast.  I stress the fact that this controller is the best gaming accessory I have ever owned.  It simply makes everything better and works perfectly.  If you don’t have it immediately ignore the rest of this article and buy it now.  Aim support for me really elevated this game and made it worth getting.

In conclusion, Honor and Duty: Arcade Edition is a fine little game with simple gameplay and nice value.  For an indie dev studio, I was very impressed with how much I enjoyed this game.  However, the lack of gameplay diversity, dull single player campaign and lack luster multiplayer mode really hampers what could have been a very good game.  It’s close, but to me the $6.99 very much makes it worth pruchasing the game.  You will get at least 2 hours of really fun and engaging entertainment out of this one, so the value is hard to beat.  And if you are an Aim Controller fanboy like me, this certainly needs to be in your download list right now.  


Score: 7/10