Become one of 6 selectable Titans to battle online enemies head to head in PSVR’s only first person MOBA. With different special abilities, characters and strategies you will destroy enemy titans, minions, bases and their dreams! Disruptive Games put out a very well developed MOBA that works to perfection and enhances the already impressive beta. If MOBA’s are your thing or you are looking for some action packed PSVR multi-player action look no further than Megalith.

Genre: First Peson MOBA
Controller: Move Controllers
Game Length: Indefinite
Price: $29.99
PlayPSVR Score: 7.5

IT FINALLY HAPPENED! A PSVR game that nailed multiplayer!  It took us a long time to get here folks, so enjoy it.  I know this is a weird way to start a review, but dang it after the Firewall Zero Hour debacle, Arizona Sunshine and all the other games with bone headed multiplayer setups, this is the easiest game to play with your friends on.  All you have to do is join a party beforehand, start a game and an invitation is immediately and automatically sent to your party members.  How cool is that? 

About the game itself, Megalith is a first person MOBA (a first for the PSVR) where you control one of 6 (more characters to come) titans that battle head to head to destroy each other's home base.  Each character has 4 special abilities that recharge with time.  To win, it is imperative you use these abilities wisely.  Currently there is only one map (more to come) which is a bummer, but more can easily be added.  Get to your enemy’s base, destroy it and reign supreme! It’s really that simple, however, simplicity doesn’t mean lack of fun.

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The game play at first is really enjoyable and is definitely one of the most action packed MOBA's I've ever played.  Being in first person only enhances the experience and although the graphics aren't "realistic" you soon forget you aren't in the arena battling it out for victory.  I would argue that this game categorizes itself as organized chaos because you have minions running around, 4 players all running and using their special abilities, turrets shooting at you from every angle all while you have to in real time decide and alter your strategy in order to win.  It's hectic madness, but fantastic fun.  

So not to reveal all the tricks up my sleeve, but I've found a pretty solid strategy to win every match.  First, you have to play with another human.  The AI in this game are absolutely awful.  Unless your enemy also has a AI you are doomed from the start.  Begin by walking up to a single wall with 4 turrets on it. There are two on one side and two on the other.  Consequently, to bypass the wall you only need to shoot 2 turrets then just pass by the wall on that side.  It saves time, energy and risk.  After this you will see a big core that you can attack.  By destroying this a large ally appears and will help you attack the enemy base.  Now there are 4 more turrets, do the same thing, attack only two of them to get to the final showdown.  After those you see 2 larger turrets with the base in the middle.  Kill one turret and destroy the base.  Granted, this sounds easy, but gets insane quickly when you have people trying to thwart your plans.  

My biggest gripe about the game is that once you are about 2 hours in it gets really repetitious.  The lack of maps really hurts it, but even if there are more maps, the game play is just so repetitious.  When you battle an opponent who also is good and knows what they are doing, there literally may be no end in sight.  I played one match for 30-40 minutes straight and neither of us made it past the second set of turrets.  Although some strategy is required, the map is so small and the objective so simple that there isn't much variety in what you can do and ways you can win.  That game, in fact, ended in a tie, because we agreed that it was ridiculous and no one was going to win so we bailed on the game.  Hopefully different maps will increase some strategy and improve game play diversity, but we will have to see.

For example, in Dark Eclipse, you can bait your enemies to explore one area of the map, distracting them while you go behind them and attack their base.  Or you can keep killing smaller enemies, leveling up to just simply overpower the enemy.  None of that can be done here.  There is the idea of strategy, but the game play is too simple for you to be actually strategic (unless I suppose you and your partner are really good and dive deep into the abilities of each character and start using special ability combos).  

Another thing that baffles me is that there is not a tutorial.  I don't understand how or why or what the developers were thinking, but this game is not intuitive.  The controls don't make sense, the objectives aren't clear, you don't understand how to release your minions (by holding your controllers over your head btw), don't know how to properly use your special abilities, etc.  The first time I played I was so lost and confused I don't think I killed a single enemy.  Thankfully my second match I joined a person who was playing since the beta and really showed me the ropes.  If you are going to have a confusing game that isn't intuitive and has wonky controls HAVE A TUTORIAL!!!! Thankfully I posted one above for you on Youtube, if you are confused check that out.

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Both Move and dual shock controllers can be used for this game and I can't believe I am saying this, but I actually prefer the Move Controllers.  The special abilities are easier to launch.  The control scheme with the move controllers are completely bonkers (hit the move buttons to rotate and the left trigger to move forward) but once you get that you're golden. The replay value is pretty high because the multiplayer works so well, there is no single player campaign, technically every match you play is different, there is a wide array of characters to use and it is simply fun seeing thing blow up in first person.  The $30 price tag, honestly, I think is a little steep.  If you like MOBA's then you should definitely buy this without a doubt.  If you are on the fence about those types of games, then I would wait for a sale when the price is near $20 then pull the trigger. 

The last thing I want to mention is that this game would be so easy to add additional content. New maps, new players, new abilities, etc. So so easy. Which is awesome because that will surely happen. The developers already have a new map in progress so I am sure that we will see new content in the future which is always a huge plus. Another addition could be more incentive to play the game. As it stands, by playing the game you can gain green jewels (or coins, rubies or whatever they are) that can unlock different skins for the characters. Why not have the jewels unlock a new character, ability or map? That would give us a lot more incentive to play.

All in all, Megalith is a chaotic fast-paced first person MOBA that will sure to deliver a good time.  Even with rather repetitious game play the first person action exceeds expectations and simply provides a well executed experience. With multiplayer working flawlessly and the unique experience Megalith provides, it surely is a game that should be on each person’s radar, especially if you are a MOBA fan.

PlayPSVR Score: 7.5