Operation Warcade Review

Do you miss the good ole’ days where you met your friends in the arcade with a fistful of quarters and the love for all things arcade games? Well, it’s not the 80’s anymore, but Operation Warcade presents a first person experience in which transform yourself into a high class arcade with unlimited amounts of quarters and a love for the arcade game, Operation Warcade. The unique game style, along with level, weapon and enemy variety and awesome music makes for an enjoyable experience for the PSVR.

Quick Notes
Genre: FPS
Game Length: 4-6 Hours
Controller: Dual Shock, Move or Aim controller
Price: $19.99 digital or $29.99 physical
PlayPSVR Score: 5.5

This is the first PSVR game I have played in which I enjoyed the nuances of the game just as much as the game play. With a very unique style and relatively low immersive qualities, Operation Warcade really does capture the essence of an arcade game within virtual reality.

When I mention that the style is unique, I mean that it is a combined 2D and 3D approach. You begin by entering a level and moving horizontally across the screen. During this phase you use the aim controller to shoot small army men, trucks, drones, boats, helicopters, etc. At points within this level you will find immersion points that put you in a first person shooter mode. This is the only true VR aspect of the game. But at that point it's essentially a wave shooter, so nothing to get all excited about.  But it is the first time I have seen this combination of side scrolling 2D action and 3D immersion in a PSVR game.

What I do like about this is that the game has game play variety because of it. There are about 3 immersion points in each level. There is also several different immersion points that offer variety. Sometimes you are riding in a helicopter, other times sniping people off a building, sometimes riding in a truck mowing enemies down, and other scenarios. This keeps it fun and unpredictable even though you are technically doing the same thing over and over. 

Each level has three missions, all which earn you a star. As you collect stars you unlock new weapons, levels, and trophies. This gives you more motivation to play each level and rarely is a mission to just survive. Most ask you to block bullets with your gun, kill a certain number of enemies with one grenade, save civilians, go on a 10 kill streak, etc. Some of these missions are just purely annoying and not worth replaying, but others are really fun and add to the enjoyment of the game. 

Honestly my favorite part of the game is the aim controller. Again, it works to perfection and makes this worth playing. Just shooting the little suckers down with your UZI is so enjoyable and with the wide array of weapons your controller becomes a multi-facet killing machine. Operation Warcade utilizes multiple versions of grenades, gravity guns, sniping guns, UZI, shotguns, etc. If you play this game please forgo the moves and dual shock, use the aim controller exclusively. 

The game also contains several little things that I truly enjoyed. The first is that they really really stick to the arcade theme. When you choose a level or upgrade you use a gun that is mounted to a arcade chassis and with actually holding the aim controller which feels like one of those old arcade guns, feels amazing. From the music to the atmosphere everything is based off replicating an arcade. Another small thing that I noticed which is awesome is that after you play for a bit and are playing well people start showing up behind you and rooting for you. Its just like the old days where people crowded around the player when they reach high scores or difficult levels. 

Operation warcade isn't absent of some negatives though. My biggest complaint is that even with the variety they added into the game, after the first 20 minutes I find it very boring. There is always action and people to shoot, but it's just not fun doing it over and over in essentially a side scrolller. When you go into the immersion modes you get a 7 second transition black screen. This breaks up the groove you were in and is simply annoying. It got to the point where I skipped them because it wasn't worth it. 

Operation warcade is a great game if you are still working on your VR legs and great for PSVR beginners. I think the replay value is fairly low, especially once you receive all the stars for completing the missions in each level.  The good thing is that there is no losing in this game technically. If you die, just like in an arcade, you have unlimited continues, but this time you don’t have to put in more money! So that does make this game much more tolerable, but still I feel like the game play falls rather flat.

Overall, I like the components of Operation Warcade, but the repetitious game play ruins the fun. It's one of the weaker PSVR games in terms of immersion and lacks in the fun department as well. But it does provide a spark of nostalgia for those who grew up in arcades and certainly has some great features.  If you want a blast from the past or add to your physical disc PSVR collection Operation Warcade should be on your radar…..just watch out, there might be a mine there.

PlayPSVR Score: 5.5/10