RollerCoaster Legends

Quick Facts

Objective: Enjoy the experience of riding a roller coaster through intense environments focused on mythical creatures and landscapes.  

Controller: Playstation Dual Shock Controller

Game Style: Experience

Length: 7.5 minutes

Price: $4.99 On PSN Store

Right off the bat I have good news and bad news.  The good news is that Roller Coaster Legends is an experience that truly feels like you are on a roller coaster.  The bad news is that the experience is the same length as an actual roller coaster ride.  This is less than ideal for a well developed game, but during the short experience you will enjoy your time. 


Roller Coaster Legends essentially has no controls.  You start the game with the dual shock controller, you hit a black load screen, then the coaster ride begins.  There is no menu, no weapons, no dodging, nothing.  You can pause the game by pressing X but other than that you don't need the controller at all. 


Remember when as a kid you were in the roller coaster cab and slowly ascending to the top of the big drop and your heart filled with anticipation and excitement?  Well, that happens here too.  Especially on the parts of the ride (I am going to start calling this experience a ride now) where you are on wooden rails. It is good enough to trick your mind into thinking that you actually are on a coaster.  Several times I felt the need to put my hands in the air like I just don't care.  Then I realized my blinds were open and I probably already looked stupid enough with that headset on, so I refrained.  

I would say 4.5 minutes of the 7 minute ride was exciting, while the remaining time your car went very slowly and there wasn't too much to observe or really get excited about.  There is essentially nothing else to do.  "Bad" guys show up, but they can't hurt you, you can't hurt them so they are nothing more than minor characters meant to make things more interesting.  

As I said, this game is well developed, the graphics are good and it was obvious that thought and time was put into it.  Unfortunately, it suffers from an unrecoverable fatal flaw: the length.  7 and a half minutes is unreasonable for a game, whether an experience or not.  I was in disbelief when it was over. I just sat there confused until the game automatically started me over from the start.  I watched it again just thinking something else was going to happen, or there was a hidden path, or I didn't push a button or something.  But nope.  It really is that short.  This is a problem for multiple reasons.  First, no one wants to pay for a 7 minute game, whether it's cheap or not.  Second, it just decimates the replay value.  After you watch it twice, there is literally no reason to go back and watch it again.  I am fairly certain that I (personally, as in me myself) will never open it and experience the ride again.  

With that being said, Roller Coaster Legends can serve a purpose in your PSVR library.  One, it showcases the potential for VR well because it feels right, looks great and is a good length for friends and family to jump on and experience VR.  So if you have a lot of people checking out your VR or you like showing it off to friends, then this would be one of the better pick up and play experiences you can buy, if not the best.  


My recommendation is this: if you have a fair amount of people trying your PSVR then go ahead and buy Roller Coaster Legends, it will probably be worth it to show them and it will be used enough to make the $5 price tag worth it.  Otherwise, I wouldn't bother.  There just isn't enough gameplay here to make it worth it and if you play much VR you have already played Rush of Blood, DOOM, RE7 or other games that match Roller Coaster Legends in terms of graphics and immersiveness.