Shooty Fruity

Shooty Fruity is a fun wave shooter that puts you in the shoes of an entry level employee in a generic Superstore.  Your task is to fulfill daily remedial tasks such as scanning items, preparing food trays and packing items while fighting off evil fruits that are coming to destroy you and your workspace.  This requires fast reflexes, dexterity, concentration and big time shooting accuracy.  With level variety, challenging gameplay and a fair amount of replay value, Shooty Fruity is a solid addition to the PSVR library.   


Quick Facts

Objective: Perform supermarket related tasks while shooting evil fruit from destroying your workstation. 

Controller: Playstation Move Controllers

Game Style: Comical First Personal Shooter

Length: 8+ hours

Price: $20 On PSN Store


Shooty Fruity's controls are simple and straightforward.   You use the trigger to shoot your guns and the move button allows you to pick up/drop items.  These controls make this game one of the better pick up and play PSVR games.  Tracking works extremely well and is one of the better attributes to the game. 


Shooty Fruity's foundation is built on it's dry humor and frantic gameplay.  The idea is simple, but when done right can provide a ton of fun and Shooty Fruity nailed it.  There is just something about blowing a piece of fruit to bits and watching it explode mid-air that makes you want more and more.  Often, you have to work in a crazy pace because groceries are piling up beside you, apples are jumping toward you, limes are coming out of the air vents and you have to manage your guns and ammunition to survive.  This chaotic gameplay is extremely difficult, but when you get in the groove and enter a trance-like state and start annihilating everything in sight it feels fantastic. 

One awesome part of the game is the wide variety of weapons that can be unlocked.  As you destroy fruit you collect juice that can used to buy these weapons.  Each enemy is weak to a certain type of weapon so it is advantageous to utilize them all in certain situations.  This adds some strategy and replay value to the game and is a fun aspect as well.

My favorite part of the gameplay is the difficulty.  Oftentimes, these funny games are short and way too easy.  Shooty Fruity does not follow this trend whatsoever.  It is actually one of the more challenging games I have played on the PSVR.  The game is developed extremely well so the challenge is based off your skill level and multi-tasking ability, not on cheap deaths or unfair levels.  This game hits the sweet spot in terms of difficulty where no levels are easy but none are so hard that you will feel like rage quitting. Even when you get to tough areas that you have to replay over and over the game doesn't get annoying or frustrating.  With each level, whether win or lose, you still obtain the juice so you can upgrade your weapons and have a better chance next time. 

I am also a big fan of the length of the game.  Many of these wave shooters are very short games, but Shooty Fruity is one of the longer ones I have seen.  You can play this game for hours before finishing all the in-game challenges and levels.  There are tons of levels and each level has 3 different challenges to complete during the level. 

The only real fault in this game is the fact that in a sense all wave shooters are very similar.  You are stationary and shoot waves of enemies that all come for you.  These games are masked in different ways, but it all comes down to the same thing.  This can get repetitive and doesn't showcase the beauty of VR quite as well as other games.  

In conclusion, Shooty Fruity is a fantastic game that will provide hours of fun gameplay in a fast paced crazy environment.  This is a fantastic game for groups of people and for parties because it is an easy pick up and play game and provides great fun for all challengers.  Shooty Fruity is well worth the investment as it provides hours of gameplay for a very fair price.  Overall, it is the best humorous first person shooter on the PSVR to date and should be owned by anyone who wants a break from the serious gameplay of PSVR's biggest titles.