Power A PSVR Storage Case

Manufacturer: Power A
Price: $19.99
Where to buy:  Power A website, Amazon, eBay, etc. 
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Have you traveled with your PSVR headset before?  I have.  And although it got home safely, it was quite cumbersome.  I just fit the PSVR back into it's original box along with the packing material, games, cords and then also brought my PS4 with me.  It was a mess.  And it took a lot of room in the car.  I also didn't feel that it was that secure either, so when I saw the Power A PSVR Storage Case I was a huge fan. 

Right off the bat this probably isn't for every person.  If you primarily keep your PSVR in one place and you hardly ever take it anywhere and don't foresee yourself ever taking it out of the house, then this item has limited use.  I probably wouldn't put my headset in here on a daily basis, rather only when I actually travel with it.  

The case requires you to keep the cords between the headset and the breakout box in the case, which isn't bad, but to remove that every night or so after your play session would be somewhat painful.  So I consider this primarily a travel case. 

With that being said the first thing I can say is that it is quality.  The material is durable, weighty and I feel really does protect my PSVR.  I truly think the PSVR could take a decent sized drop in this thing (although I wouldn't want to try!) mainly because the case is the perfect size to fit the headset but not allow any extra room.  It is a snug fit and with the harder exterior body of the case the PSVR has a nice envelope of protection all around it.  

Inside the case we have a nice feeling felt-like material covering a rather hard shell that caresses the PSVR in place.  There is a small pouch for additional cords or small accessories.  You won't be able to fit a game, a controller or pretty much anything else in this case when the PSVR is in there.  And because of the elevated inside design (the elevated piece where your head would typically be) that takes up a lot of room, you can't use this case for anything else.  

The outside of the carrier looks top notch and you can tell it is officially sponsored by Sony because the handle is made of good quality rubberized material with the Playstation logo and you can read Playstation VR on the front of the case.  The only color is in black, but it looks good and you wouldn't be ashamed walking around with this thing even in public.  The zipper is made of hearty material and feels as though it will last for a long time as well.  

My PSVR fit in perfectly and without any extra wiggle room I feel that it is really protected well.  The case isn't bendable and has a nice hard exterior to it so if something falls on it, or rubs against a wall or something your PSVR will be fine 100%.  I am a big fan of this case and although I don't carry my PSVR around too often, I now feel much better doing so.  

If you are looking for a quality storage case for your PSVR whether after play sessions or while traveling, the Power A PSVR Storage case not only is about your only choice, it's the right choice.